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  1. Which is why wire-free camera's and sound-less motion detectors are becoming the norm! It at least gives you a chance to get some people together and get down there.
  2. Now, that's a challenging wank!
  3. Nice office you had today. Derek.
  4. Yes, that works and it's not stupidity.
  5. Yeah! I spent this and I spent that, the best advice and comment I can make based on BITTER experience, is, don't waste your time on small chancey things do it ALL in one. Get in a reputable man, do the house plus wire in the garage/sheds and whatever else in one, use a hard-wired system they cannot block with plenty of sounders. They may still give it a go (they did me) but the word got around and the pro's leave me alone, you will always get the odd crack-head who wants drug money, but, they haven't the tools to get through decent building work. Good luck, Derek.
  6. I would walk away and leave him to it! This is based on thirty years of being caught out trying to help people do cheap jobs. Derek.
  7. No! Read what it says. I run with Fuel Fit in my cans 12 months of the year, towards the slow times I leave things to get low in the tanks and cans, but, I NEVER drain anything. Works for me. Derek.
  8. Use This I Do. It's worked for me for the last 10+ years.
  9. Yes, some of the wisest advice ever!! Work good, business head bad = hard time. Wish I had realised this forty odd years ago. Derek.
  10. 1. The house used to be local authority owned but was passed on to a housing association in one of the local bog-off deals and is still tenanted. 2. At the moment no credible evidence against the tree, the drain survey included a quote to repair them but they are having another one done. The foundations are raft type on sand. 3. Nothing credible against the tree compared to everything else. 4. We wish the tree to stay, we have a lack of mature stock now. 5. The tree officer has/is refusing a TPO even though the tree is threatened and the ranks have been closed against us. One thing is said quietly and another officially. Link to google, https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.3884935,-1.4987055,3a,75y,186.33h,103.61t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1saSoKkaUt-ukCsotxnK7gnA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en I hope the link works I know it is difficult without seeing the problem so I am trying to help you people, to help me. I wish to try and find true figures, at the moment they talk £20,000 to put in a Root protection system which they say they will not do anyway, and I don't even think the tree is to blame. Thank you Derek.
  11. We are trying to stop the felling of a London plane. Because the tree is near a house it gets the blame (insurance company), we dispute this, the house has both drain and foundation problems. It seems the wish is cut down the tree in case and if it isn't that we will think up something else. What I would like is some BALL-PARK figures to put in a Root protection system, hopefully, I shall have put three pictures on for you to see the situation, and what a worthwhile tree it is, thank you. https://goo.gl/photos/p2bpgQcUF59tPbQ28
  12. If you google that so-called toll-free phone number you will see they want you to call it and take plenty of money from you. They tried it with me but my wallet is the tightest one on the planet. Derek.
  13. Whilst mooching around I came across this!! I wonder if the tap is in there as well? The tree seems to have done pretty well all the same. Derek.
  14. i'm guessing it will depend on your metabolic rate and the activity you are doing. i didn't do much on sunday but still managed to drink 5L+ of diet coke. peed a fair bit today but not yesterday. I use this stuff to remove oil and stains from customers driveways, just spoonfuls. Think what it is doing to your insides, and NO I don't drink it at ALL. Derek.
  15. I stand by my favourite oak which is big. But yours make it look like a twig.
  16. Been there done that. You will always have the weakness as well. I tried to be clever and ignore doctors etc, wife young children no money!! The only way I got RIGHT was my mates carried me BIGTIME for a few MONTHS it came right. Sorry! I know this isn't what you want to hear. Take the TIME. Derek.
  17. Don't despair, there are firms out there who can retrieve a lot from the drives, phone around. It might cost, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet. I to learnt like this, and now constantly back-up. GOOD LUCK! Derek.
  18. fair play to you. I like to think i trust everyone until i am let down, but it is difficult to live by once you have taken a kicking. A long walk in the woods helps my head after things like that. Derek.
  19. On my Stihl hedge-cutter, I remove the greasing plug then screw in a standard grease nipple grease-up, then remove it to save it being damaged and put the greasing plug back in. Derek.
  20. Report them! Disposal of waste act. i.e. Fly-tipping! The council must act on this. Derek.
  21. Single-leaved Ash Fraxinus diversifolia Derek


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