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  1. I get a little bit of smoke first thing in the morning but that clears after about 5 minutes. My first u1000 smoked really bad similar amount to yours Ian then it went bang
  2. One groundsman (cs30) & one labourer needed for 4 days starting this Monday for four days. Work is near Fakenham or you need to get to my yard near Downham market. Good rates of pay! PM me for more details or text call me on 07880795462 Plenty more work to follow.
  3. The situation is exactly the same! We have spoken about fencing it off & reducing. If we reduced it then fenced off the area it would give them no space the tree is very close to the house & the back door to the house is inline with the tree. The owners will not have access to the rest of the gardens because it's open to the public they want a safe place for there to walk out of the house & play. I have delayed the job as many times as possible to try and convince them but it's worked!
  4. No it's not coming down for a mosque. The tree is in a private garden. The lad who put it up on FB works for me & he said it as a joke. I really do understand why people would be pissed off about it coming down because I am not very happy about it. I've done everything in my power to stop it.
  5. I have not received one?
  6. Yes it is a crying shame that it's coming down I've been trying to talk them out of it for weeks. We even started pruning it but they then decided it had to go. The reason for felling it is not really a great one but I will try & explain. It's on a estate that is open to the public & the garden you see it in is the owners private garden & they want it down because they are worried that there little kids will eat the Berries. I know this is not a good excuse but this is what they want done. I have spent a lot of time trying to change there minds but it's made any difference.
  7. Don't know what it's worth it's a very big lump Are you in Norfolk? Pm me your number & I will give you a call
  8. I will be taking this huge yew out in two weeks (west Norfolk) any of you guys interested in the timber? Access is good but would need lifting over a small hedge. Can cut into smaller pieces and load with a teli handler. Would like to try & make a bit of money for the owner.
  9. Did not even think about until I hooked it up yesterday 😂
  10. I've finally got another mog. Got some more work to do to it yet. I've got some wiring to do for the orange becon & led lights. Then I will start the welding around the rear corners of the cab & steps. Need to change the fuel tank as well because it leaks if you fill it up more that half full. Done some work to the brakes yesterday & coveted & old draw bar to 50mm ball hitch but should be out on its first job tomorrow.
  11. <p>Now then. Give me a shout if your interested in my tp chipper. It's an old 760 in good condition. Cheers Casto</p>

  12. Would be interested in your TP if you sell it.
  13. I think they are very slightly lighter than the airstreams I can find out on Monday
  14. I've had them for the last couple of weeks & they fitted like a glove from the start. Very comfortable. I have worn them in very wet long grass all day & my feet stayed warm & dry. I've only climbed in them once & they gave me good grip & allowed some flex but still giving me the support I needed! Great pair of boots very impressed.
  15. I've had one for a long time now but I've stopped using it after about 18 months I find it heavy, hot, & my ears could not cope with the poor protection. I've gone back to a petzl


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