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  1. May be easier to switch to a 3/8 sprocket and get a bar that fits a 395. Only difference is the chain size between the two, same bar mount and oiler location.


    May have to change from a 6 spline clutch drum to a 7 spline clutch drum - 3/8 rim not available in 6 spline.

  2. Hmmm thinking more carefully I have a whole roll of .325" chain so maybe best to get the gutsiest saw that would use this maybe with a 20" bar?


    3120xp with a 208RNDD009 bar


    Swap the nose sprocket for a .325" pitch


    Swap the clutch for a standard drive spline and a 9 by 325" rim.:lol:



    Realistically you're only going to find a small mount Husky(K095) bar in 325 pitch and 58 guage.The largest UK husky is the 560xp(the US 562xp is 3/8) However you may be able to get larger dolly to take this bar.

  3. If you click on my link,add to your basket and then go to checkout you will see a little invoice - £20ish for chain,£13ish for shipping and £0 for import taxes.I've had 3 or 4 chains from Frawley's and never had any surcharges to pay.I think Miker on here has used them as well.

  4. quick one about the 395 XP i just got one and has a 28 inch bar and my 385 does , i have 28 inch chains and 2 of which are skip , but was thinking of getting a 32 inch or even 36 inch bar a s we sometimes have big stuff to cut , but not much , would a 395 xp pull a full chain(not so much for power but clearing wood out ) or would a skip be better as they are not easy to get over here


    I think a 32" bar will be harder to find than skip chain.


    Rob D has Oregon,Cannon and Sugihara bars in 36":thumbup1:

  5. The way the shafts are put on the floor is where they will be clipped on to both ends, part of the problem is big ends from clicker on 1 and shear bolt on other.

    Think I'm going to end up extending the bottom links on chipper out a bit to push it out more and give more room.


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    You say the PTO stubs are 24" apart.


    The 6 spline yoke slides on to each stub by about 3 "


    Therefore the total length of your PTO shaft is about 30"


    Your picture of the 2 halves on the floor doesn't look right.


    The best way is to measure the stubs from groove to groove and the shaft from locking pin to locking pin.


    Anyway I wouldn't extend the arms,I would put a quick release A frame on the chipper to get clearance and ease of attachment.:001_cool:

  6. Should be ok with right size shaft most hedge cutters run short PTO shafts think the one I use is shorter then that.


    :thumbup1: It is recommended that you have an over lap of 1/3 total length.


    Shorten it by the minimum necessary so it doesn't foul when at its shortest.


    Looking at your photos you should have at least 12" overlap on a total length of 30".

  7. It would appear the prolite has a 5 rivet nose sprocket,the proam has 4 rivets.


    There fore I would expect the prolite to have a stronger bearing.


    I've been using my 365sp today with a 56dl 15" prolite bar , LGX chain (rakers 30 thou )and an 8pin sprocket.The usable length of that bar is only 12 ".


    I would not expect your Proam sprocket to last very long at all , with the extra power and speed of a 372xp - if your's is the equivalent Jonsered.

  8. I think we are spoilt for choices these days , on a whole all are so much better than they where years ago in terms of weight, durability and comfort the cream in imo are pfanner arborists but look around see what's on offer, husky technicals are £120 at honey Bros at the minute so that's £100 off retail...have decided to give them a go after buying three pairs of pfanner arborists in less than 3 years.


    H.B have C type technicals at £115 + vat :confused1: - So I had to get a pair :thumbup1:


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