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  1. C.J

    circular saw bench

    They are hydraulic . They also do wheeled elevators which you could also use next to your splitter.
  2. C.J

    circular saw bench

    I had a delivery from Riko today
  3. C.J

    Brand New Echo Chainsaw

    MS150 is 1/4" pitch but 0.043" (1.1mm) gauge.
  4. No ,we speak English down yur:001_tt2:
  5. C.J

    David Brown tachometer

    540 is at 1800 engine speed . so 1 revolution for 3.3333 engine revs. therefore 350 x 3.333 is at 1166
  6. C.J

    David Brown tachometer

    1166 for 540 shaft 700 for 1000 shaft So if your tickover is say 850,PTO will be 425 rpm on the 1000 shaft. Plenty enough power for your new log saw - good for fuel economy but bad for the engine. If you want to run a hydraulic log splitter at the same time use 540 for better oil flow.
  7. Could it be a hogshead of zummerset cyder ?
  8. C.J

    circular saw bench

    £1683 with pto shaft ,delivery and VAT.
  9. C.J

    circular saw bench

    Spectrum have one on Ebay for £1500 £183 cheaper than their website price
  10. C.J

    chain too short?

    Surely only 7 pin on a MS660 with a 36" bar. But 75JGX and an 8 may be better
  11. C.J

    circular saw bench

    Add £433 for PTO shaft,Delivery and VAT:001_rolleyes:
  12. C.J

    chain too short?

    Looks like an 8 pin
  13. C.J

    circular saw bench

    I would also like a PM @ Spinner
  14. C.J

    Now that is a log stack!

    Selling by the ton
  15. C.J

    Part numbers for 390xp?

    You only need the 2 dogs if you swap your roller over,but it may be cheaper to buy the kit than the 2 dogs separately. I got mine from Bailey's and the tax + postage was more than the kit.
  16. C.J

    Part numbers for 390xp?

    537 04 37-01 is the part number for the Kit (2 dawgs,chain catching roller,nuts,bolts and screws)
  17. C.J

    Part numbers for 390xp?

    503 92 27-01E (outer) and 537 01 72-01B(inner) on my 390xp - Will fit 365,372 and 576.
  18. C.J

    550 xpg is currently a box of bits!

    Especially if you buy the 4T Helium and mix in blueline racing oil
  19. C.J

    Pictures from your chain sharpening.

    Doh - the 6 should have given me the answer - it's PS:thumbup1: There's always more hook on a new chain than you can get with a round file.
  20. C.J

    Pictures from your chain sharpening.

    That's a good hook you've got there Darrin - should bite really well. 4.8mm file on 3/8 RS ?
  21. C.J


    Just cutting the louvres off and bolting the plate back on makes a difference. The exhaust port is inline with the depression between the bolt holes.Drilling a hole here will make a big difference.
  22. If it were mine I would cut it right back to ground level, so I didn't have to look at the cut end.
  23. C.J

    help with chain numbers

    Don't forget PMC,PMC3,PMX and PMY


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