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  1. Chainsaws.

    Buy them all and decide each day which one to use 👍
  2. Husqvarna 372 xp full wrap handle

    I may be sorted now thanks. Send me a pm if your interested in buying it
  3. Hi guys, i have a full wrap handle from a 372xp i'm not using anymore. I'm looking for a standard handle for a 372xp and a 395xp. Anyone out there have one or both lying around that they would like to sell or maybe do a deal on the full wrap for.

    <p>Hi Steve, i recently purchased a 395xp with a busted piston and bottom end. ive stripped the saw to an extent. would you be interested in rebuilding it with a new piston and porting/tuning it for me? </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Many thanks, Glyn</p>


  5. Stock fencing

    Has anyone used a picket air driven post knocker?? Any good
  6. Forestry winch

    Thanks for your help, I'll check them out 👍
  7. Forestry winch

    Great, thanks for the info. Now, I don't suppose anyone has a old manual Lying around or knows where I can get one? It's need of some tlc as you can see
  8. Forestry winch

    Cheers, 3t on each drum or 6t on each drum?
  9. Forestry winch

    Anyone have an idea what make/model this is? No maker plate or markings
  10. ArbDogs? Pics!

    Here's my duck hunter 👍
  11. Massey ferguson owners forum thanks

    Hiya guys, could anyone shed some light as to why my MF 298 would loose power occasionally whilst driving? It's goes flat out in 3rd, but then it looses power for a second, then it's ok for 10 seconds or so then it looses it again! The fuel filters are new and the tank is pretty clean. Any help would be great, cheers.

    Happy birthday Jon
  13. WANTED: Discovery 3 Commercial 5-10k Budget

    I've got a 06 commercial. On coils and an auto. It's a pleasure to drive and is super smooth and powerful since I had it remapped. No problems yet, and would have another one any day.
  14. what are you all up to over the bank holiday

    Thank you both
  15. what are you all up to over the bank holiday

    Getting married Friday


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