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  1. It's going to be used for a mid-line anchor after a footlock, not as a hitch!
  2. Well found my man! I've been looking on all sites and couldn't find it anywhere. Cheers Thread finished
  3. Free trial? Whats this world coming to?
  4. If you go on facebook search "TreeWorker Arborist" There is 2 guys on this page from Czech Republic
  5. I buy from the Uk and take it back to NYC, apart from ropes.
  6. Aphid produce a sugary liquid called "honey dew" Which then can lead to "Black sotty mold". growing on the tree, this doesn't hurt the tree directly but if it covers the leaf it can reduce Photosynthesis then weakening the tree, if then another pathogen moves in the tree might die.. Black sotty mold can be washed off with a jet of water. If i was worried about having an aphid problem i would plant some Dill, Fennel or buckwheat near the Beech hedge which will attract Ladybirds which will eat the aphid.. Problem solved
  7. Treeworker.co.uk has the new ropeguide 2010
  8. No shingles in Bermuda It's coated with a lime plaster to clean the water for drinking.
  9. Take up a pocket of twigs as fat as the bar to slid in your cut..
  10. If you want to do forestry in BC Canada You'll need a BC Faller Certification.
  11. I'm in the US at the mo,, 240kg two people easily?? I'm not so sure!!
  12. Three lads in a Lap Dancing Club were watching a busty blonde gyrating on the pole.The Stoke lad stuck £20 on her left buttock. Not to be out done the manchester lad stuck £30 on her right buttock.The Scouser swiped his visa down the crack of her arse and took the £50 cash back!
  13. Paddy gets nicked for wifebattering The Judge asks "why do you keep beating her?". Paddy says "I think it's my weight advantage, longer reach & superior footwork!".
  14. Tampax have announced today that they will be replacing the cord on their tampons with a piece of tinsel. This will be for the christmas period only.


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