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  1. I'm too soft, I couldn't bring myself to charge someone £200 for just coming out lol. I may start 1.5 time or double time if I'm having to work next day too. We always charge for one hour no matter what the job even is a 10 min job as any job takes an hour of your day up. Suppose its just a matter of how much u mind getting up.
  2. your right with that I suppose you would start forming an opinion before a card ever appeared. I like the idea of several cards/flyers etc...
  3. Hey all, In the last few weeks been doing some emergency and after hours work, few trees fallen on properties and truck half knocked over a reasonable sized conifer, due to high winds forecast we ended up working well into dark to get it down and make it safe as it was overhanging a road. Just wondering all those out there who do 24hr work and emergency call outs, how do you go about costing them? -if the work is started in the working day but has to overrun how do you quote it? is it a surcharge for every hour after normal finish time, or is it a flat cost for after hours? -Same for emergency works if call comes in at 10pm or 2am how do you cost it? do you just put call out fee on it? We don't have many that early on in the morn but it has happened before Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers guys
  4. True true, but I have to say I probably wouldn't have charge too much more if it was for our accountant.
  5. Hi by the way Stephen, my names Sam. Nice to meet you bud
  6. When I meet new contractors etc.. and they hand over their card I do look but I think thats because I have my degree. If they do have letters I expect a level of understanding but I wouldn't treat them differently if they didn't. I gauge people off how they act and what they say at the time as to how much to explain things. The letters don't mean that persons any smarter or going to understand I know load of people I'd consider much more intelligent than people I know from uni only difference is people at uni they wanted them and could be arsed to go get them.
  7. mine

    Helly Logging

    I like. With kit like that at your disposal, I see no reason not to lol,
  8. Its a tricky question and personal preference, I've recently put off ordering some cards, its the first time I've been looked at as important enough in the company to get my own and I can't decide whether to 'title drop' after my name. Although I do think at some jobs it would be nice to hand over a card with the BSc (Hons) bit, just to see if it would stop the client explaining things so simply that they must think I never bothered going to school, as i choose to walk round with a chainsaw most days doing actual physical work, not sit in an office.
  9. Stupid as it sounds you haven't under priced if thats the price you can do it for and make what you want to out of it, thats how you should quote. If its a worry speak to the client and let them understand the reason for any increases you can probably put on £50 without much question but personally i try to not increase once I've put in a quote i look at it as a learning curve do the work and next time you have a lesson to look back at. You'll have to let us all know how it goes and how you end up doing it.
  10. Hey bud, Is there something secure that you could use to the right of the tree to set up a skyline over it from the top of the conifer to the left? if so could use that to anchor off and if the tree did move then you would slide down to safety of if you had a cam on it then you would dangle and then just lower down when the dust settles or You could attach your anchor to the top of the tree to the left and use a line to the right on to anything secure-ish to stop you swinging back into the tree I have a T bar of steel bout 5 foot long that with a sledge hammer makes a pretty secure anchor when drove into the ground an few feet at about 45 degrees to the angle of pull, works perfectly. In the end it all depends on how YOU feel with it and the distance down to the greenhouse. If you were too close to stop contact, just take glass panels out of the green house and man up if you think it'll hold u up lol. Its hard to say without seeing it and giving it a yank to see how strong it is and its 100% subjective. As for the cost I would have probably put a little higher price just for the unusual nature of the job and risk but all dependent on how it ended up been done and how easy it turned out to be, maybe £200-300 if simple. I love jobs like this where its a challenge. Hope this near essay proves helpful for this or the future Sam.
  11. now that is some amazing rigging they might not be a tree surgeon but they should move into access work lol
  12. Looking for stump grinder hire in the area, got a job coming up with some stumps that need removing, 10 in total all but 3 are between 1-2 foot and the rest are approx 3-4 foot. Had bad experience with stump busters before so this time thinking to rent as seen a few for a lot less than I can get stump busters in for, never know i may actually make a few pennies from it instead of handing work away. Saw a post about the predator p26 from beaver but as its in York wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I could hire one a bit closer? Seen the Camon C500 grinders that I can hire in Barnsley but just cant help think it would take an age to get through them all with such a small machine. Any input is much appreciated.


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