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  1. is there no one in kent / essex that wants a days work then ???????????????????
  3. long shot i know but im looking for some one in kent to chip and take away full load???? can you help ill have the tree feld and out on the drive way ready for chiping (the tree is a big xmas tree lol|) pluss if any one has a mini digger they hire im looking for a mini digger for the day ill drive it the jobs in marden kent
  4. im looking for a man with a chiper soon maidstone pm me your number
  5. plastering flat out m8 not been on the saw for a bit now imm off back down the woods soon im still looking for tree work
  6. were in maidstone you based m8 im in barming just off the tonbridge road
  7. pics will bee posted soon lads
  8. she was born at 3:24 too day 7ld 14oz stuner the misiss did it all on gas and air sorted
  9. CRAP CRAP AND MORE CRAP the misiss's waters have broken eeerrrrrmmmmm eeeeeerrrrrmmmmm HELP stiched me right up all I want is to go to bed and iv got a 3 & half year old alsleep in bed that needs looking after now i need to bee In two places at once HELP im happy thats she is on her way and i get too meed her soon but why now I want my bed lol crap i need a smoke but i dont smoke no more lol
  10. still cutting part time iv got a 3year old gurl and one on the way lol spending most my time tinkering with my rifle lol still going back too the chestnut set soon
  11. Hi pople I now im new here but im going to be a daddy re4ally soon and i meen soon im making a list of who wants too wet the babys head id like you all too pop down if you can to wet the babys head and have a meet in the couple of weeks im in kent but im willing to put you up over night if your a bit drunk lol and a big fat fry up for breky and maybe a shoot too let me know if your uyp for it and ill post a date when the baby is here mite even bee here in the next day or too as she is 4cm gone
  12. theres my hw 77 k .22 springer I want a pcp next probs a r10


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