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  1. Hi sorry for the late reply. Someone has offered to take the lot, but I'll let you know if any is going spare cheers Jonathan Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  2. Hardwood firewood for sale, located in Pembrokeshire, west Wales Fair bit of oak with some sycamore/ash mixed in. 300 tons available £40 ton +vat roadside. For more info contact Jon 0755 4514609
  3. Helloo, we currently have hardwood firewood roadside in west Wales if that's any help? Would have to be a full load to make it worth while though. Give me a call if your interested 07554514609 cheers
  4. Been looking at replacement heads for a valmet 911.........currently running a valmet 360. The head is very good just a little on the heavy side at 1245 kg, the early maxi computer is a bit of a pain to alter sizes etc. Has Anyone had any experience with logmax 5000? Seem strong and simple, fairly light too at 895kg. A few good clips on you tube. http://youtu.be/0LX4-AgnzHE Anyone used viking Heads? Thanks Jon
  5. hello, im also looking to do the same. where can you get the correct bar?? thanks
  6. i have a 560 and want to change it to 3/8 chain, seem to be having trouble finding a bar, been sent one to find it doesnt fit. Anyone else running 3/8?? what bar make/model fits? Thanks
  7. Same thing here went through 4 brake bands in 12 months of the old design, then fitted the new design one a few months ago. Only yesterday it brokke again! That was under normal use, not slamming the brake on time i move
  8. Thats a nice new trailer you have there!! Saw them at the apf, looked like good trailers. Is the trailer extension hydraulic? What size is that, 10t? Cheers Jonathan
  9. Hi there, Great info on the kiln. What sort of temperatures do you use to dry firewood ?? Thanks Jon
  10. I have also had 2 chain brake bands snap on a 550xp, great saw! but they just need to sort out a few niggles.
  11. yes, its an MF, and a 5 ton winch on the back. Great tool!
  12. This is our skidder! similar..........
  13. posch jon



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