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  1. - An LPA serve an area TPO - Landowner applies to fell 10 trees (not worthy of TPO in their own right) and LPA permits, subject to replanting of 5 trees - The LPA revisit site and specify individual trees/groups and make new TPO (rather than amending the area) - Area TPO not confirmed so lapses - New TPO to be confirmed. Q1: Did the condition to replant die with the area TPO? Q2: If Q1 = yes, was the error in making a fresh TPO rather than modifying the original order? Thanks in advance.
  2. Blue marlin, gone in from the side. Are you near the sea?
  3. I just called them about PI cover after reading your post. Having not spoken with any companies yet and at point of needing to buy a policy, the guy I spoke with was massively helpful so I'm awaiting a price
  4. 1st stage retrenchment pruning in veterans to save climbing out to the really small material? MEWP access and standard saw would be preferable though.
  5. I like Ivor. He sounds kind.
  6. I have the HCC correspondence course books, questions and answers, about 5" thick of stuff. unsure on how relevant they are to today's syllabus but they got me through the exams 2 years ago. I don't need them anymore and I haven't even tidied them from under the coffee table and now my wife hates me.
  7. APC

    Tree Inspections

    I'm glad you managed to decipher what I meant!!!
  8. APC

    Tree Inspections

    Rather than make a new thread, I'm gonna hijack this one. With the professional liability insurance, say the annual policy runs Jan2014-Dec2014, say I carry out an inspection/report in July14, I put on it report valid until July15, does the cover cover the date at which the report was made or will the policy need to be renewed to cover the date at which the report is valid to, therefore guaranteeing that one must have 2 years insurance? I hope that makes sense as reading it back it is babble
  9. First thing that came in my head for first one was G. pfeifferi but I have never positively ID'ed that one before as I haven't knowingly encountered it.
  10. Just out of interest, what sort of assignments did you have to complete?
  11. Know when to draw the line. It's about understanding your staff and pushing the banter with the ones who 'get it' and keeping it strictly business or lowkey with the ones who don't. My last place we ripped into each other, which we all enjoyed. Only time I lost it was when some arse pulled all the keys from my keyboard off and replaced them in the wrong places which took me an eternity to sort out, which stopped me from being able to do my job. At my current place, it's strictly business. Different culture innit.
  12. where in the country are you? if you are considering foundation degree level stuff then you could also consider the level 4 diploma in arb.


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