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  1. Hi I am roughly in your area next Tuesday and Wednesday, the 4th and 5th. For a LOLER inspection. Let us know how many kits you have PM me or phone 07760 692984 Martyn
  2. Yes you a right. I think someone earned a few Euros putting that lot up! I would think the LA would have contacted that out.
  3. Thats a few quids worth of bracing in there Martyn!
  4. I came across this cobra bracing, on a large Ficus, while on a Christmas break in Cartagena, Spain. Not seen this amount in one tree. A lot of it was very slack and not doing much of a job. The tree was in a large Square, so probably looked after by the local authority. Martyn
  5. Hi Guys After 12 years since I sold Honey Brothers, I decided to have a website for my LOLER business! My son Dominic built most of it for me, but it is only the second one he has built. The first being his own. So any criticism greatly received. Web site address is martynhoney.co.uk Thanks in advance. Martyn
  6. How quickly does he need doing it. I am in that area at the end of January if that’s any help. Martyn
  7. It’s been around for quite a few years! I think we started (when I ran the company) to import Cousin in around 1999. The rope looked very similar to Yale XTC+ but it used to ‘milk’ a fair bit. I haven’t seen in a while on my LOLER Inspections Martyn
  8. I have a friend who lives completely off grid, mainly because where he lives in the hills in Spain, the power company wanted to charge him €10,000 to put the power cables in. It is now 12 years since putting in the solar panels and the batteries are now going. The trouble is, that he has 12 and they’re €390 each! Okay living in southern Spain you obviously get more sun, but nothing is free in the end. Also when it rains all day, not very often, he has to use his generator. He heats the whole house in the winter with a wood burner. PS Buying electric in Spain is the most expensive in Europe. So you can see why a lot of people are going renewable. Martyn
  9. The trouble is with my clients, is that the boss is the qualified inspector and also run the finance. I do know where some larger firms who employ a safety officer and also does the Inspections. Then as far as the insurance firms are concerned is OK. But I agree with you last paragraph, they do get away with enough.
  10. I think mainly it is ‘belt and braces’. They don’t want to give the insurance companies any excuses to not pay out. Also one client has about 15 employees and with the business to run, does not have the time to carry out the Inspections. It use to take him all weekend!
  11. I actually have clients who are qualified LOLER Inspectors. Who now employ me to do there LOLER’s for that reason. So definitely check with your insurance. Martyn
  12. Sorry Wes. I sold the business nearly 10 years ago. I just do LOLER Inspections now. You will probably get the best price if you order it online. honeybros.com Martyn
  13. It would definitely fail a LOLER inspection, if I would be carrying out the test. Martyn
  14. They are also on The Costa Almeria around the Mojacar area, when we were down that way recently. Which is 3 hours east of Malaga. More in the hills than on the coast though. Martyn
  15. Hi How urgent? I can fit you in at the end of the month, but probably a bit to late! Martyn Honey


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