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    Watching Crystal Palace FC, Playing Golf, anything to do with Trees
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  1. Martyn Honey

    Kit Checks

    Sorry Wes. I sold the business nearly 10 years ago. I just do LOLER Inspections now. You will probably get the best price if you order it online. honeybros.com Martyn
  2. Martyn Honey

    Kit Checks

    It would definitely fail a LOLER inspection, if I would be carrying out the test. Martyn
  3. Martyn Honey

    pine processionary caterpillers

    They are also on The Costa Almeria around the Mojacar area, when we were down that way recently. Which is 3 hours east of Malaga. More in the hills than on the coast though. Martyn
  4. Martyn Honey

    (URGENT) Loler inspector required for Hampshire area,

    Hi How urgent? I can fit you in at the end of the month, but probably a bit to late! Martyn Honey
  5. Martyn Honey

    First World Cup memory..

    Yes I know what you mean. I watched the whole of the 1966 finals, remembering The Argentina team walking off 3/4's through the game. Eusebio scoring a penalty for Portugal in the semi and of coarse the final on a very small black and white TV in the lounge! I think that's definitely what got me into football. Oh well young team, see what we can do in the Euro's! Martyn
  6. Martyn Honey

    Tree work in Spain.

    Hi Timon How did you get on in Spain with the saws and how was the weather? Martyn
  7. Martyn Honey

    LOLER assessor needed Wilmslow area

    Hi Chris I can carry out your LOLER inspection, but I am not in your area until late April, if you can wait that long. Martyn
  8. Martyn Honey

    The Evolution of the Arborist Climbing Harness

    My first harness was made by Barrow Hepburn the GT76. No leg loops and no padding, the only safety feature was if you could see red through the grey webbing, it had been strained! The harnesses where made in Battersea and where basically a copy of the USA climbing saddle. But did the job In the early seventies. Minimum order was only 100 a time. Martyn
  9. Martyn Honey

    My first chainsaw...

    Mine was a Mac 6 not a bad saw for the seventies, no chainbrake but a good climbing saw for the times Martyn
  10. Martyn Honey

    It made me laugh thread.

    This was in Beijing at the fragrant Gardens a few years ago! Martyn
  11. Martyn Honey

    Winters, Richmond Park.

    Great water image shots too. [emoji106] Martyn
  12. Martyn Honey

    Tree work in Spain.

    Try these people they are Stihl dealers and hire machines. They might be able to help Martyn
  13. Martyn Honey

    Tree work in Spain.

    I have brought back a few chainsaws, mainly top handle Stihl's, from Spain, when the pound was at a good rate! I just put them in my large suitcase, but these where new and always insisted that the dealer didn't run them before hand and leave them in the box. Not sure you would get away with that with used machines. Have you thought about driving? Martyn
  14. Martyn Honey

    Which arb shops are open over Christmas etc?

    Believe it or not. Amazon do them, with a choice ! Martyn
  15. Martyn Honey

    LOLER Inspection Cambridge / Royston

    Hi Pete I thought you might want it done before Christmas, I cannot do it until January. If you can’t find anyone else let me know on 07760 692984 or martynhoney@icloud.com


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