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  1. Owainlogs

    57x37cm mono bags in red

    try L C Packaging lincolnshire
  2. Owainlogs

    Kindlet or Kindlet pro

    Hi thanks for replying we have an old kindla and the quality of kindling it makes ain't great the blade guides are well worn it plays about too much and smashes the wood up.been thinking about an upgrade to improve quality and the amount of nets made i was hoping a newer machine is better.
  3. Owainlogs

    Kindlet or Kindlet pro

    Which is best for making kindling, Kindlet at 6" long or does kindlet pro split them better at a longer setting. what do you think please.
  4. What machine do you use to get the kindling looking this good also what length are they please.
  5. Owainlogs

    how long will my cordwood last?

    Put a sheet over top of stack if you have one
  6. Owainlogs

    Hakki pilke 37 problem

    yea or putting extra nuts along the bolt so its stronger
  7. Owainlogs

    Hakki pilke 37 problem

    hi thanks for reply mine does it about once a year, I was wondering if the bolt is to hard does that make it worse for breaking rather than a softer one. really thinking of welding a plate instead of the bolt as it always breaks when your really busy.
  8. Owainlogs

    Hakki pilke 37 problem

    I have a hakki pilke 37 and the common problem of the splitting valve breaking off when the bolt breaks.l wonder has anybody come up with a fix to over come this.l was thinking of welding a plate to replace the bolt to the correct length any ideas apprieciated
  9. Owainlogs

    Kiln Dried Hardwood Clearance!!

    how can I get a price off you for this please.
  10. Owainlogs

    Posch log deck

    Just wandering are the ones with a chain in the tray better that ones with the spiked hydraulic rollers thanks
  11. Owainlogs

    Posch log deck

    Anybody got a posch log deck the type with 3 chains and a tray thought this would be good for putting say 1 meter long billets on to feed processor what do you think thanks
  12. Owainlogs

    Hakki Pilke Parts Prices

    if you cut the old sprocket off the driveshaft you can get just the sprocket off internet or Oregon dealer for fraction of price
  13. Owainlogs

    Firewood roadside for sale!

    Hi can't pm you either. would be interested if you got any left number 07974135954 Thanks
  14. Owainlogs

    Nifty fuel/water test

    Would this work in engine oil to see if water/antifreeze mix was in the sump as I'm having problems with liquid in the oil and can't tell if it's diesel or water because it's not the usually grey colour. Thanks
  15. Owainlogs

    pallet delivery price

    Don't use speed shift they charged us to much once and had to phone them not joking 15 times trying to get money back off them,they used every excuse in the book nearly drove me mad.you've been warned


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