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  1. plenty of food for thought there everyone, think i may be busy over the weekend!!
  2. Hi everyone, I require a little help please. One of our Timberwolf 150's infeed rollers stopped working today #annoying! The reverse switch works and i checked the connections and stop bar switch but no luck. I then took off the ECU cover and revved the machine up to full chat and the control box showed a red light with the title "speed fault 2/h". Has anyone had this problem and does anyone know how to fix it? Any help in fixing the issue would be most helpful! yours Mitch
  3. 361 is a great all rounder, we use them with 18" bars. They chew through anything!
  4. the springs weren't happy on this day!
  5. I have just been looking at personal injury insurance and wondered what everybody thinks about it? Ant thoughts on the matter would be extremely appreciated.
  6. so do i!!!! the colleges and training centers dont have the cash or resources to provide graduates with skills like that imagine the cost of trying to train 20 students to climb, cut, rig and process trees in the uk. we only have around 20% tree cover in the uk and most of it is commercial not good for sectional felling when it needs to be sold!!! if we lived in an ideal world with loads of cash and unlimited trees of varying species it could be done however, we dont which is a real shame.
  7. yeah that is also true, however unless they are loaded they cant really start up themselves without working with someone or a company that has experience that will give them the opportunity to work as a groundsman and work their way up the ladder. they may loose a bit of money by letting an inexperienced person climb but if we dont let the new blood practice we will become stagnant as an industry!
  8. hey man hows the form? mitch

  9. i totally agree!!!!! i think i got off on the wrong foot with everyone i just wanted to make a point, not cause a storm!!!!!! it will always be up to the individual what they do, ive done some dodgy stuff too, i guess we all have to get things finished and make some ££ but i still think quals is a good start1 thats my tuppence for the day! .
  10. its the cowboys i worry about not the people that work hard train hard, like you by the sounds of things! im sorry for being dour about it. i know nptc is just a ticket but it is a legal requirement now. however nothing compares to experience( like you have said) and knowing the proper techniques through training helps in gaining the experience required to provide people with base knowledge to work under those who have been in the industry for a long time.
  11. you may be macho but in this day and age of a sue culture, if you are not qualified then you leave yourself open to be cut down in your prime if something happens to go wrong! un-qualified personnel give the rest of us a bad name who have worked hard and spent money on becoming industry recognised! sorry for being harsh but i think it is fair!!


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