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  1. Joe Loggs

    Moto GP

    Marcs unbelievable rider no fear. As for cal I was very disappointed.
  2. Joe Loggs

    First Impressions of the 150T

    You dont have to drop it for the clip to come out it only took a snag for mine to pop out plus if a cut goes wrong and you need to throw your saw it should be strong enough end of. This is tree work not college stuff.
  3. Joe Loggs

    New arb supplier

    Oh not good. Im on phone so can barely see pic. You got a number for her?
  4. Joe Loggs

    New arb supplier

    Good luck mate im out the game soon due to bad back. Whats your injury?
  5. Joe Loggs

    New arb supplier

  6. Joe Loggs

    current setup... lets see yours! RW

    Perfect apart from the amount of sit back you must get on that hitch?
  7. Joe Loggs

    New arb supplier

    Looks interesting I have been after a new supplier.
  8. Joe Loggs

    Spot the Throwpod competition!

    Mmm n4
  9. Joe Loggs

    Work needed essex,herts,cams

    Hi guys work has dried up at the local firms I work for so im seeking a couple of days a week to fill my week up. Im a climber with 2+ years climbing experience I have my own kit and saw im based near cambridge but willing to travel. Please contact me via pm Thanks Joe
  10. Joe Loggs

    Essex splicer?

    Talk tome.
  11. Joe Loggs

    Spot the Throwpod competition!

    Money shot j5
  12. Joe Loggs

    Tachyon 11.5

    Iv been using marlow that stuff looks nicer I must give it a go.
  13. Joe Loggs

    Tachyon 11.5

    What whipping twine is that rich?
  14. Joe Loggs

    Cutting friction cord to length

    Tried cutting friction hitch with a heat knife and it smokes alot and struggles to cut threw and tends to smoulder. Tape and blade does the job.
  15. Joe Loggs

    Yew stem for sale in Essex

    Iv hear this tree has now been felled and logged up.


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