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  1. Thanks, Dave, you're completely right. The next addition to the handout will be the RADS system, which will hopefully get added today. As far as working the whole tree with SRT, I'm not the one to write that I'm afraid. Complete lack of any experience! But if someone else were to write it up, I could do any drawings necessary and it'll be included into the handout with full credit to the author at the next revision. These docs are intended to be revised regularly, and it would be great to get people who are familiar with different techniques to share their 'insider knowledge'. On that note, the next PDFs we are working on are on Aerial Rescue; and on VTA. Any specialists in either field would be welcome to drop me a line (joe@vtio.org.au) if they feel like helping out at the writing stage... You can also check out our Draft Climbing Guidelines; input would be welcome even though these are more local in destination.
  2. I'll just post a quick reply to this one as well. Sorry to be writing so much in a thread I started; is that bad manners? Paul, I felt like that as well to begin with, particularly because I was ferociously keen on footlocking for quite a long time. I didn't like all the gear, the setup time, the need for a good level of throwline. But I've gradually become so reliant on SRT that I think I may be getting fat. It'd have to be a pretty small tree before I wouldn't SRT into it. So long as your throwline is good enough to get a shot reasonably quickly, the time you save by not isolating a branch compensates for the time lost setting up your gear (if you're using a system like the microfrog it takes about thirty seconds) and you're up there quicker than anyone. And then you get all the advantages of being able to effortlessly re-ascend whenever you want to return to the top of the tree! And if speed and efficiency aren't good enough selling points... try ascending tree after tree with no strain at all on your forearms or biceps. Gotta be worth an extra five years tacked on to your climbing career.
  3. Hi Bender, we actually covered several versions of that redirect in the PDF, but after having a play with it, we (the VTIO) decided that it was a no-go as there is nothing stopping the redirect from being disconnected by an accidental pull on the line. I don't think it's legal for competition use either, for the same reason, but I guess that depends on the head tech at the event. Check the Redirect PDF John, there's lots of different retrievable redirects, several of which can be retrieved without a seperate line or the tail of the rope. Me neither, but it's sure got me thinking.
  4. Hi all, Thanks for all of your positive comments! Great to be getting a positive reaction, but do feel free to point out where we've gone wrong as well! Max from Austria, you are dead right about the Technora! I will get onto that right now, and it will be revised in the next upload... which will be tomorrow at this rate... Well spotted! I'm afraid I didn't get what you meant about the double bowline... if something has been missed then do let me know. Buzzsurgeon, this really interests me as well. In general I think the effects of rope angle across the point in question are the most important thing about the maths, but when snatching the head out of a 'straight' vertical tree, you are right that you are much better off wrapping as much friction as possible at the lowering point, so long as you don't lose the smoothness of the lowering process... Perhaps some sort of pulley with adjustable friction? Or as you say go back to poly ropes for snatching. Yup, you got me. Hi Jake, how's it going? What doesn't your computer like? Is it a problem at the VTIO end?
  5. Hi all, A quick request for your input, if you have the time. I was recently involved in running an advanced climbing workshop, for which I and some others made the handouts below. The handouts have been really popular, and we're now talking about trying to make them into 'living documents', kind of like a low-budget wikipedia for climbers. So we'd really appreciate (constructive) criticism and new ideas from all over the globe. Single Rope Technique Working the Angles Introduction to Redirects Knots for Arboriculture Any criticism or feedback, please email me at joe@vtio.org.au


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