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  1. Do any of you that have a firewood processor ,that uses a chain saw to cut the logs find that after time the chainsaw "jams" when about halfway through a log.I ask as I have an old JAPA 2100 Firewood  Processor and after quite a few loads ,the chainsaw jams when about half way through cutting a log. What causes this?

    I assume it is the VERY fine burr that gradually builds on the chain bar, as I find once I file the burrs of the bar works ok. That said the burr is SO fine I find it hard to believe that is the problem, ???


  2. I am wondering if I make some crates  made out of 4, 8ft x 4ft  Weldmesh panels ,secured together ,(standing  on end) ,and fill them with 9" logs , will the logs dryout quite quickly  from the beginning of June  till the beginning of October. The crates would be out side supported on pallets and covered with a tarp. A bit basic I know,and also very dependent on the summer weather!!!!  Negative or positive thoughts appreciated. 

  3. Have any of you made a home made feed rack/table that will handle slightly kinked 2.3 + lengths  of wood. Having just had a hernia operation,and recovering from it I don't wish to be doing  heavy lifting next log season ,so was considering making a log rack to  feed my old Japa 2100 firewood processor.  Any hydraulic  motor power for the  log rack would have to come from the tractor hydraulics.  So any info/pics  of what you have made would be much appreciated. I am only a small producer doing about  300cu mtrs of logs a season so not wishing to spend much money on the rack, I see some manufactured  ones are very pricey and sophisticated for my requirements.      

  4. On 09/02/2022 at 12:28, Paul in the woods said:

    Whilst some of the comments are a bit over the top it's a bit naive to think Woodsure would say anything else. They're getting plenty of cash from hard working folk and I would expect by now their advice to be a bit more accurate. From a consumer point of view they also seem a strange organisation as they appear to be a trades body advertising wood and an enforcement body.


    The proof of the pudding will be how many unregistered traders are put out of business, my personal experience of trading standards has been very poor so I'll not hold my breath.

    When I visited Woodsure, the smell/fumes  from the nearby  fibreglass factory or whatever it is was /is seem to be a polluting the atomosphere more that the smell of logs burning via a wood burner!!!!!!

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  5. On 24/03/2022 at 22:38, Woodworks said:

    Went to a physio recently who has known me for years. He said you wouldn't leave your machinery unmaintained for years so why would I not maintain the most important 'machine' ie me. I am only in my 50s but would like to keep at it to 70s so taking care of the body needs to be treated as part of the job.


    Sorry no help with your barrow problems but why are you having to push barrows of logs about? Make the machinery take the strain where you can is my approach

    Only use the barrow if customers want logs stacked and I cant park near logstore.  I charge £25 for stacking my 1.6cu mtr load of logs and another £10 for barrowing  ,total load of logs plus stacking/barrowing £180.  

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  6. I am now 70, and I supply a small mount of firewood, but I am finding that the backs of my legs from my knees down are aching ,especially when walking about,and pushing  a barrow load of logs. If any of you also suffer with the afore mentioned  problem  I would be interested to know if you have sought medical advice about the problem and if so have you had any advice as to how to alleviate the problem, apart from  being told  "GIVE UP."!!! 



  7. Any update on this thread would be appreciated .

    Would you buy a Rotatech chain or bar again?

    Or is it as always you get what you pay for?  

    I noticed that the Rotatech chain and bar I used on my Japa2100 firewood processor seemed to create a lot of sparks compared to other makes of  bar and chain I have used,giving me the impression that Rotatech chains are made of inferior quality metal.

  8. I have a 4yr old (or their abouts)   Stihl  Ms 362  chain saw which when hot will not start and the tick over speed is slightly  too low so when it stops it will not start as previously  mentioned . Cheltenham Garden Machinery have looked at it twice for me and they cant find out the problem.  As the carburettor is computerised or what ever you guys call it  I unable to make any adjustments so a very frustrating situation.   Have any of you experienced the above problem yourselves ,if so how did you get the problem fixed. 

    Thanks in advance for any comments good or bad .  

  9. Moving on to 2022 ,  do any of you know if the  regulations for supplying firewood are changing from May 2022.

    No doubt the "Firewood  Gestapo",  Wood Sure , would like things to change so the organisation can justify their own existence to the Government department they work /are contracted to , self preservation while others drown comes to mind !!!

  10. Due to winding down my small firewood supply business ,I wish to remove my website from Google and ideally completely from the web. Have any of you successfully removed your website from Google etc, I appreciate it must be very difficult /almost  impossible to get ones website completely  removed  from the worldwide web,  and the the Woodsure  organisation.  In "theory"  due to the freedom of information act if one asks an organisation to remove ones details they should but in reality  how does one ever get to know if they actually have?   In reality I don't think  one will ever know.😠


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