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  1. I built it. It was sold to JDB Contractors. It’s a Carlton front end on a Kubota base. It was re-engined on the front end.
  2. I’m not in the market for a chipper, but we already run two Morbark slow-speed shredders. Good kit.
  3. Thanks for the compliment, but it’s not a Morbark - it’s a Rotochopper. PS. No “s” in Kingwell. [emoji849]
  4. We have a Rotochopper B66T arriving shortly, that will process this material into a biomass product. Give me a call on 07801 478885 if you are interested.
  5. Thanks Eddie. Appreciate your recommendation.
  6. Thanks man. 01376 550989 if you need us.
  7. Anyone want 10 days work in Doncaster, starting Monday 19th? Job is stripping off 80 Oak tree tops to deny nesting habitat. No chipping or dragging, just cut and drop. Trees are not large. Ideally, we need a team of two climbers, with tickets of course. Payment immediately at the end of the job. PM me or call Dan on 01376 550989. (Picture borrowed from ICS Tree Services).
  8. Plantspeed. 0117 892 1309 Vince or Darren.
  9. Thanks Simon. We really appreciate the work. Thanks for the recommendation as well. We work really hard to keep our customers happy and to provide a good service. Best regards. Justin. Ps. No "s" in Kingwell :-)
  10. Hyundai or Takeuchi are your two makes with the oil and pressure required. They also have all the pipework that you need - already fitted and this will save you money when you fit your attachments. Here is Matt Bell's machine, that we recently supplied a Serrat head for. It is a very productive unit.
  11. I have 300+ bales at Woodbridge if you want them?
  12. Many thanks. I will pass this on to our sub-contractors. Cheers for the complement as well. Best regards. Justin.
  13. Where does the law stand on the classification of chip, logs and arisings from construction sites (development sites, road schemes, highways works, etc. etc.)? Many construction clients are now stating that this material should be moved, stored and "treated" as a waste. Some of our subcontractors are also running into this problem. For example, if you remove demolition timber, or old fencing from a site, you have to operate under a full Waste Management Licence. This involves WAMITAB qualification and using consignment notes. As far as we can see, the Environment Agency https://www.gov.uk/search?q=wood+waste&filter_organisations[]=environment-agency has no obvious guidance on their website, so does anyone have the facts on what the law says?


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