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  1. Just to say this position is now open again as the last person didn't work out. Feel free to drop me a line if anyone here is still interested & thank you to all those who got in contact before. Good to know there's such interest & nice to hear from so many enthusiastic people. Have a mint day everyone, stay safe & keep grinning! :))😋
  2. From each kiln I'd expect about 1.5m3 of BBQ charcoal, & around .5m3 of fines to grade down for their different outlets too.
  3. All kilns emptied, graded & bagged. Been working on making a few new products from my charcoal recently. Have soap, eye liner & toothpaste, & now that I've emptied the kilns I need at least two of them followed by beer, though off for a surf first!🏄‍♀️🍻
  4. I got rid of my smart phone last month, never been happier. 😊
  5. The drying kiln do you mean? It works real well thanks🤗
  6. Oak all day. Big bits for milling, rest is firewood & charcoal. I do love playing with a big hardwood😁
  7. Hey everyone. No need for anyone to fall out, or for the mods to have to get involved. Though I don't use the site as often anymore they'll remember I'm more than capable of handling myself, & I love good banter😁. That said, Jake, I appreciate your kind remarks, though these guys are just craicing, no harm no foul:) If you're genuinely interested in the position then as the ad says drop me a line to the email listed & we can discuss. Have a mint day everyone! 😀
  8. Yes we did. Paid our cover every year for 8 years, then needed to make a claim & learned the nightmare that is insurance claims. Our policy was actually with Liverpool & Victoria, Tree surgeon insurance are just brokers. We paid all that time for nothing, couldn't get the help we were told we were entitled to. When we went back to Tree surgeon insurance they said there was nothing they could do as the policy was with Liverpool & Victoria. So why had we taken it out with them? We cancelled the policy right then & will never take out another. £8k wasted for nothing. I now don't believe in personal accident insurance, I just bank the cash that I'd spend on insurance & I'll use that instead when I need to. If you can I'd go straight to the company actually providing cover. The only other time I've ever need to claim insurance in my life was a minor road traffic accident & Farmers Union who insure my truck & trailers were brilliant, couldn't have asked for more help.
  9. Lycetts do ours, hope that helps.
  10. I'm looking for a man or woman, any age & any background with an interest in taking a year out to come live off the grid in my woods & learn woodland management for a small sustainable business. Restoring woodlands, thinning, producing firewood, making charcoal, selecting timber to mill & milling it, making interesting things from the woods, producing and sourcing food locally & getting involved in a great community. Drop me a line if you're interested or know anyone else that might be. Cheers, Natta! northumbriaforestry@icoud.com
  11. We supply hardwood only to a couple of pubs in the area, other than that if they want hardwood only we recommend where possible another supplier as wont do it. Simple. This is who we are, what we do, how we do it & why. If that doesn't fit your needs, we're not suited to you, end of.
  12. John, that's very kind of you, pm on way, well not the real PM of course, that'd just be crazy!
  13. Thanks Teepeeat, we're on those sites too & will be posting on them. Just thought it didn't hurt to ask here.


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