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  1. It is indeed a Prunus. Which must have been there for a few hundred years, and not planted when the estate was developed 30ish years ago, lol.
  2. Sorry for keeping you all in suspense for a whole day. It was a tad dark last night. But it was a beaut of a day when I drive past this morning. The sun was really showing off the fine features of the fine 200year ish specimen.
  3. So then. I've received this forwarded email. What tree does everyone reckon is being described by the resident? I will post a picture later. Have a good week. Sam. Good Morning --- I'm not sure if this is the correct route to go down however since you are the Parish Council Chairman I hope you don't mind my emailing you regarding the above subject. My name is --- ------- and I live at ------ -------- and have done since the ----- was built some 20 odd years ago. Anyway my concern is for the lovely old tree that lives right in front of our house which I've been told is listed. The tree is a beautiful one and always gets comments from people about how lovely it looks, winter, summer, spring & Autumn. I was talking to the maintenance gardeners yesterday because they were working around the tree area, and I asked them about the Ivy that is growing up the trunk of this tree and the maintenance man who attends the area on behalf of the Parish Council advised me to get in touch with you because he said that if the Ivy if left to continue growing, it will eventually kill the tree. He said it needed to be dealt with ASAP other we might lose this lovely old tree which has probably been there for a few hundred years, and of course this would be very sad because the tree is a lovely feature in the ----- Could you please speak with your fellow councillors and raise the matter at your next meeting and hopefully a decision will be made there and then to get approval to ask the maintenance men to do something about controlling the Ivy on this particular tree. Thank you very much. Mr & Mrs --------------
  4. I've just paid £460+ for my accountant to do my tax return for the business and some rental property. I input all my invoices onto a accounting program and let him file my return.
  5. Hi Paul. Thanks for that. Has anybody done the course or know what would be a good read? Thanks Sam.
  6. Hi. I have been thinking about doing the Professional Tree Inspection Course. Is there any pre course books or literature that anyone can recommend getting? As I've been told it is very in depth, so think I might struggle without reading up prior to the course. Thanks Sam.
  7. Hi guys. I'd be interested in doing the foundation degree, maybe starting this September. What would the minimum hours a week required to do the course? Don't know if it would be doable with running a business as well?
  8. All sorted. It was a combination of the relay not solenoid! And the safety switch, which are both linked together into the clutch.
  9. Hi I have a Rayco 1625 Super JR. Can anyone tell me the best place to get spare parts for it? I'm after the solenoid that engages the cutting wheel, in particular this time. Many thanks. Sam.
  10. we are looking for a self-employed climber with experience and own climbing equipment in the Cambridge area. For a few days work a month. If you are interested, please phone Sam on 07811665875, or text and I will get back to you.
  11. Yup, it finally arrived! Excellent bit of kit, but would have been better when I was told I would get it!
  12. Does anybody have or know of someone with a mobile mill, in or near South Cambridge. Have a mate with a lump of yew he would like to plank up.


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