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    I think you will find that Toro bought out Wheel horse and they do indeed own Hayter.They specialise in golf course machinery and are found all over the world. Spares should not be a problem and the machinery is well made.
  2. All our 3m lenths of timber over 14''diameter are cracked into 4 billets of 3m lengths and then put through the processor and cut to length of log required when they have seasoned.
  3. I just tell them I am glad they phoned and ask them if they would like to order some logs. They usually hang up.
  4. I have the Stihl HLA65 long reach hedge cutter and the Stihl FSA 85 strimmer coupled with a AP180 battery and AL500 charger . The hedge cutter is brilliant, light and easy to use and a battery life of 2 hours. The strimmer is light and easy to use and battery lasts 1 hour which suits me fine as it only takes 20 minutes or less to charge, enough time to have a coffee. They are both ideal for early morning work or work where quietness is a factor. After the initial cost of £175 for the battery and £110 for the charger the running costs are virtually nothing and I will add a chainsaw when one of the motorised ones packs in. I was surprised at the power they both have but do not expect them to match the larger motorised models. I would add that I have the largest battery and the fastest charger available. I think in a few years time they (battery operated) will be the norm. Try one and I think you will be surprised.
  5. I am 67, 68 in December and glad I can still do a bit, though most of it operating levers on processor and telehandler and delivering firewood for my son.
  6. You can not hear the motor above the sound of the 1x42 working. Plus no fumes, no maintenance and half the running costs, together with on/off at a touch of a button. It's a no brainer if you have 3 phase available.
  7. Have a look at V8 chainsaws on you tube
  8. I forgot to say that the reason the dealer has to start the saw is for the world wide guarantee Stihl give and the dealer has to stamp that it is in working order. Also no US tax has to be paid as it is going for export.
  9. I bought a top handle in the States and rang US Airways and they told me if it had not been used they would take it in the hold. The dealer had to start it so I had to clean it out so like new. Even then the US security took me to their desk in luggage department and stripped the saw, removing fuel tank and carb. He knew what he was doing and congratulated me on a good clean and after he had reassembled it allowed it on board. If they had refused it I would have had to leave it behind. The good news is that at London I declared it and the Customs just let me go through without paying the VAT or duty so in the end well worth it. I think I would ship if I bought another over there because the saving is well worth it but the hassle and thought of the airline or security not taking it is to risky.
  10. We use a Matbro with a modified jappa grab enabling us to pick up 3mt lengths of cracked timber. The rack holds about 90 lengths of cracked timber which produces about 15 CuMt of split logs.
  11. I have worn a Trend Airshield Pro for 3 years . Excellent piece of kit never let me down and still using original battery. Best £170 spent. Keeps all dust and crap from processor away from eyes and lungs. Still using original filters which I keep clean with airline.
  12. We now have most of our wood delivered in large 3mt lengths which we split into large billets with a slew and logbuster and stack to season them. Then we put them through a Haki 1X42 and it handles split 3mt lengths with no trouble.
  13. Ask if it has hydraulic drive to chain bar or is belt driven. Nothing really wrong with belt drive but the later model with hydraulic drive is a lot better.
  14. The LMS is a lot cheaper than the Westech and is equal to it in every way. We flew to Belfast and looked at both at M Large. Ring Alan there and he will answer any queries you may have. We do use a link and rotator and it just hangs. You do need a heavy duty rotator because there is some serious pressure when you lever and break open the length of timber. We split 3mt lengths of beech anything over 30cm up to 80cm into 4 pieces.
  15. We use an LMS wood-buster but we have it on a 16ton slew. I think you might struggle on a small machine. The actual attachment works very well and was supplied by M Large.


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