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    Ford Ranger

    I've had an 05 Thunder spacecab for about a year now. Average between 25 and 30 mpg. Had the ECU remapped from 109 bhp to 150 and a similar torque increase. Pulls hard in every gear, a really good tow truck. Considering adding air bags to the rear suspension to improve the stability and maintain the right height when fully loaded, but still be able to keep a comfy ride and some flex when empty. Anyone tried this ?
  2. openboater

    LOLER certifiable splices

    Sorry if I'm going over old ground but I have a question. Can anyone talk me through the process and prices involved in getting my splices certified to be able to issue certificates with them. One of my local arb supplyists has asked me to gather the information as some of his frequent customers are asking for custom spliced products. I am already a LOLER inspector and splice just for my own satisfaction. I'm not in the position of needing to do it for a monthly wage. Many thanks.
  3. openboater

    husky for carving?

    I use a Husky 345 and a Husky 141. Neither are great but I manage. My theory is it's more about the result than how you got there
  4. openboater

    what are you all up to over the bank holiday

    I'll be carving and milling at North Somerset Show. (in the rain?)
  5. openboater

    what are you all up to over the bank holiday

    Congratulations, hope the weather's on your side:thumbup:
  6. openboater

    Space cab/ King cab/ Xtra cab question

    Fair point Jim, but I'm not sure the sill bars are mounted very securely. The only thing they're good for is putting mud up the back of your leg when you step out of the truck. The bits that look really daft are the two layers of 3" tube wrapped around the back corners below the tailgate exactly where you don't need anything to drag in the dirt. Free to collector if somebody want them.
  7. Does anyone use the back seats in their cab-and-a-half pickup for passengers? How do people get on travelling back there? I'm just not sure I can justify a full double cab for an occasional third person. What do you think?
  8. openboater

    Space cab/ King cab/ Xtra cab question

    Ok, so I bought one. The black Thunder spec one that was on eBay for a few days recently. It's got 14 surplus lights dangling off it, and twelve of them don't work ! There's going to be a bit of tidying up, and all the stainless tubes will come off too. The winch on the front seems to have been properly fitted so will stay. Just looking for a good canopy to cover the back now, so if you have one please get in touch. Cheers all !
  9. openboater

    Space cab/ King cab/ Xtra cab question

    Hmmm, that sounds like just another excuse to cripple the working man. Sorry to be nosey, but who is your ensure r ?
  10. openboater

    Space cab/ King cab/ Xtra cab question

    Yup, I was thinking similar. Really like the practicality of those doors.
  11. openboater

    Whats this wood?

    definately softwood. almost definately firewood (but not for this year)
  12. Thanks for the hat:thumbup1: Raincoat would've been more use on the dayb:001_rolleyes: At least I'm ready for winter now. Cheers Aspen.
  13. openboater

    new landcruiser pickup @ APF show

    I preferred the old one that was parked next to it
  14. openboater

    Splicer wanted!

    PM sent.
  15. openboater

    Splicer wanted!

    And I've spliced rigging and climbing lines too:confused1: But I'll not issue a LOLER ticket for them:001_tt2: Quick, get the worms back into the tin !
  16. openboater

    Splicer wanted!

    I'm a LOLER inspector. Let's keep the lid firmly on the can of worms.
  17. openboater

    Splicer wanted!

    Be aware that if you have a rope spliced after purchase by a friend it may no longer pass a LOLER inspection as there is no evidence of it being sold as a rope with a spliced eye. The opinions of others may vary, but that's my take on things.
  18. openboater

    Greg Norman 'Damaged' In Chainsaw Mishap

    But was it a top handled saw that caused the injury ?
  19. openboater


    Congratulations and respect
  20. openboater

    Trees blocking Rivers

    I work for the EA. I clear trees and debris blockages from rivers. The points you make are all valid SOME of the time but please don't assume that they are a universal fix-all. If we allowed debris to accumulate in any of the areas where I commonly work a short heavy storm could result in bridges being damaged or perhaps destroyed. Fallen trees have the potential to block our tidal outfall structures, which can in turn allow sea water to enter our river systems. This can adversely alter the balance of wildlife in sensitive areas and put homes at risk of flooding. Just wanting to present the flipside
  21. openboater


    'Scuse my ignorance. Best in Europe at what ? Ps. Congratulations !
  22. openboater

    a good top handle saw please

    Interesting thread. Just ordered Echo 260 from Radmore + Tucker, (Saturday morning).Should be delivered to work on Tuesday morning, £302.50. May change to 1/4 pitch when first chain is worn out.
  23. openboater

    towing a chipper in third lane of motorway

    Anyone in that lane should only be there whilst overtaking, and the centre lane too for that matter. As for your Navara and a jetski, please stay out of lane three from now on, then nobody will have to say 'I told you so'. Cheers.
  24. openboater

    a good top handle saw please

    Is the 1/4 sprocket an Echo part? If it's not I maybe wouldn't make any mods until the warranty has run its course. Are you using a Stihl bar because of the shape, or some other reason? I have a 12" Cannon carving bar with Dime tip that has 1/4 chain on a Husky 141. What length is the Stihl bar that you have modded? Ta.


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