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  1. Hi John I have been looking at your suggestion about reversing the passenger seat in mb trac 1000. Have you done this conversion on one of yours? Do you have pictures?

    Or could you give me a call on 07881903059 cheers chris

  2. Yea that one at frank atkinsons is engine damaged and it's too big for most sites and stands we work in. I've spoken to Simon about putting a 1500 cab on a 1000 and when he stopped laughing he said it wouldn't work without major time and money. What I'm going for is cut out the back wall of the cab extend back and add two new quarter windows to the sides. Reweld back back on fit controles inboard and work out the seat swivel. Should be good when done. Lol
  3. Comfort doesn't have to cost a fortune, i do think you have to be realistic. If your trying to run a forwarder trailer on the back of a gray fergi and expect it to be comfy you will be disappointed. I run a mb 1000 with a vreten 65/40 crane on a fixed bracket at the rear with a vreten 10 tonne combi trailer. When converted I will be able to swivel and operate from inside. I too have knackered my back many times climbing round to the rear seat to operate the crane.
  4. When Werner bought all the tooling and rights to the mb trac they came up with the wf trac which was one of the first real attempts at a do it all forestry specific tractor. The older ones still bring big money and the newer ones are astronomical money but they are the mutts nuts for our job. ( I want one if anyone's got one. )
  5. Can't just put swivel seat in because it would catch on the steering wheel and the spools. Other option is to put a slider on as well to move seat across then round! Or spend 50k on a wf trac lol
  6. I am converting my mb trac 1000 to have my forwarding crane mounted behind the cab. Also extend cab backwards to allow swivel seat and inboard controls. Does anyone have experience of such a project as I would appreciate any advice. I will post pictures of my progress soon. Cheers
  7. Does anyone have any experience of fitting a crane behind the cab. And is it possible to get a swivel chair to fit in the cab without extending the cab backwards?
  8. Still buying metal porn I see Steve. What will the trailer carry and what will the crane lift? I've got a brash grab for sale if you want to bolt something else to it!!
  9. I have an mb 1000 with a load bay fitted vreten 60/40 crane and a vreten 10 ton combi trailer. I often find I could do with another 30 hp on road but it's fine in the woods. I may be selling the combi trailer though to replace with a standard forest trailer.
  10. We are looking for a grounds person and a climber to work in Wolverhampton for the next month. If you are available for the month or part of then please contact enquiries@treemedic.co.uk or call 07881 903059


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