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  1. fairly easy I would say - worked in Melbourne, Sydney and WA myself and loved every bit of it with similar qualifications to yours. Just go for it mate contact few firms where u would like to work and something will come up for sure. Good luck!

    <p>hey Jake,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>how's life at A.co. treating ya? hope u had a mellow winter good weather to come now! - i'm off to NZ in a weeks time. Pete (that czech focker)</p>



    <p>Hey Will, I was wondering whether you are still based in Auckland and working for Asplundh?</p>

    <p>I am due to land next Thursday and got interview with them lined up. Hit us up if u fancy a pint or two. Cheers Pete</p>


  4. Anyone in Auckland? I am landing next Thursday to start working holiday in NZ after finishing one in OZ got interview lined up with Asplundh so lets see what happens wondering if anyone fancies a pint or two? Cheers
  5. Anyone still in Auckland? I am landing next Thursday and got interview lined up with Asplundh wondering if anyone fancies a pint or two? Cheers
  6. easiest way is to get ur working holiday visa which allows u to work for employer up to 6 months - better than getting sponsored right away because u don't know if u will like the company - working holiday gives u option to see the place while working - good luck with that!
  7. I believe Active is always looking for staff probably worth an email Current Vacancies | Active Tree Services | Vegetation Management Services
  8. peteCC


    FairFuelUK wonder if they will achieve anything but prolly still worth a try quite a few MPs are on their side
  9. i am czech based in london - peteCC (czech c**t) lol
  10. thanks will look into it! looks like the one!
  11. i've got a tough task with christmas approaching i'd like to present a book on pruning fruit trees but would rather spend my money on something useful any recommendations? cheers
  12. this is what was waiting for us this morning lucky it went the way it went over 3 gardens rather than into house..
  13. same here very satisfied, very comfy- although still not climbing everyday as i'm learning
  14. just posted tenner through ur web page wishing speedy recovery!


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