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  1. Need a set of av rubbers for an 084av, can anyone help?
  2. thanks maximus, remember I am in the other hemisphere, stranger things have happened . . . . .
  3. yes your quite right, I'm still not happy with it, but I decided 5 hours was plenty for 2 and a bit minutes of footage!
  4. A couple of dismantles from late last year, working on the rail project, in Adelaide. Watch in HD, enjoy!
  5. Adam, have you worked in Austria? if so,would you recommend it? Have you looked at the states,heard very good things from a few people?
  6. A few pics from the first two jobs of the new year,talk about shock to the system! The first few are from a black butt removal, the one with me standing on top of the barrel are from a liquid amber I craned out, awesome! I am going to invest in a camelbak though, friday was pushing 32, very hot. Any other guys on here use them, thoughts and model would be appreciated!
  7. cheers, thanks guys! merry christmas!
  8. haha, I was waiting for that, its called kino,gum trees produce it when under stress/decline, that was the first tree i removed over here, thought i had cut my bloody hand off!, not such a shock now! get over here mate,its awesome!
  9. A few pics from the last six months in Sydney,enjoy!
  10. Same as above, Treemotion without a doubt, mine replaced my sequioa when it failed, can't believe i didn't get one in the first place!
  11. Hello all, Ime finishing my placement in january,looking to go up to northern territory, anyone recommend any companies? Cheers pete
  12. What he said! But i wouldn't buy any kit here, get it from the states or uk, kit is so expensive over here, I went to buy a side case for a 66, 95bucks! you must be joking. . .
  13. that's great I will email you over the wkd,cheers!
  14. Hello all,I'm currently living and working in Sydney,there is opportunities for a sponsorship,but I would prefer to go somewhere else for 6months than spend my entire time in oz in Sydney.Have heard good things about Perth,interested as to whether anyone is working there now or has worked? What is the spec for rent wages etc cheers!


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