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  1. We have a fencing job coming up early next week for one of our regular clients in Virginia Water, Surrey. The job is quite straight forward, 2 straight runs of fencing, totalling 300 metres, across the middle of 2 fields so no fighting against hedges. We will be attaching equifence 1.25 metre high stock fence to the posts. As it’s out of our usual area I was wondering if there was anyone in the area able to knock the strainers and intermediate stakes in. We will erect all the wire etc. We will be on site to assist, just looking for machine and operator to knock the timber in the ground. Call or text me on 07768 791084 if able to help. Many thanks, Graham.
  2. Ok. Will do thanks. When you say not very pretty, does this mean knotty ?
  3. Hi Jonathan. Would be keen. Any chance of some photos please ? Which side of Honiton is it sitting ? Will call you tomorrow if possible, graham.
  4. grahamc


    Found an old photo from about 25 years ago. Had an arb job about 50 miles from home, and didn’t fancy making 2 trips. Job was in a village in a valley, and had to get towed up the hill by a friendly farmer due to lack of grip on front of tractor. It was a steady trip home.
  5. Hi John. If there is tractor and trailer access and we can load with tractor and loader I would like it. Can you call me on 07768 791084 to discuss. Many thanks, Graham
  6. Ordered 500 litres of red yesterday from mole valley farmers and quoted 61p a litre coming from watsons
  7. All sorted now thanks. Thanks for all of the replies, Graham
  8. Hi. We are working in Cobham, Surrey tomorrow and Tuesday. Small tree felling and chipping. Nothing difficult, have tracked chipper so no dragging of brush. Could do with 1 or 2 people to assist. Must be competent. Short notice but might suit someone. Text me on 07768 791084 if interested. Many thanks, Graham
  9. Thanks for the reply Matthew. Not looking to get a new machine, but secondhand all seems overpriced. Been quoted £ 16 200 for kx 18 with canopy, whites manual quick hitch and 3 buckets. Not had a reply from cbl re Takeuchi equivalent. We have a kx 16 on hire at the moment, but not convinced with it, and hear nothing but good about the Takeuchi.
  10. Just asking opinions from anyone who has experience on the above mini diggers. Which one would you prefer to own, based on reliability, quality of build and running costs / residual. There doesn't seem to be much in it on paper, but was wondering which would be your choice. Any feedback appreciated.
  11. Evening big J. Just out of interest, what side the m5 you moving to. I'm about 5 minutes south of junction 28 on the honiton road. Give me a call when down if you like, Graham.
  12. I kid you not. Have just come back from watching Exeter Chiefs beat Sarries with him, and was talking to him about this topic. His 6400 currently has 50 400 hours on the clock. Used daily, and still earning its crust.
  13. Why not get a John Deere 6400 ? Neighbour of mine has a 96 JD 6400 which has just over 50 000 hours on. Owned from new, and well maintained. Can't get a lot better than this for reliability.
  14. Hi, I went to a dispersal sale from a well known local nursery on Saturday. In buying the stock I wanted, I have ended up with surplus stock. Enclosed is a list of all trees bought. We are currently lifting them this week and root balling them. If there is anything that takes your fancy, drop me a text on 07768 791084. Mobile reception is poor, so text best. Keen prices on a lot of it. Discount for quantity, and if you are local to Cullompton, Devon, you are welcome to lift your own. An idea on pricing would be about 40 to 50 % of normal price if root balled. Cracking trees, photos on request
  15. Thanks for the replies. After talking to a few people including m large, I have decided to order the 18 ton super magic. M large have said that it is such a competent splitter, which is far and away the more popular of there large vertical splitters, that very few of there customers feel the need to spend more money on a bigger splitter that has extra capacity that is rarely needed. My local dealer has a couple of 18 ton splitters in the yard, and will deliver a new one into me for a days use on demo. If, after that, i still wish for a bigger machine, they will take the 18 tonner back and sell me the bigger machine. You cant get fairer than that.


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