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  1. Wondered if someone with more experience than me can help. We look after a lake and the owner has told us his stand of Ash and Cherry has signs of Ash die back. After inspecting the trees, the majority have no sign at all of any ailments. Among the 50 or so Ash trees, only one has any sign of anything like Chalara. We are in south Wiltshire which I think has little incidence of Chalara so far. The crowns are fine, looking healthy and totally normal. The following photos show the crowns, the trunks typical of all the trees, then finally the one suspect tree. Is the last pic a clear sign of Chalara?
  2. Not got a load of work lined up as I’ve been passing much of the bigger stuff straight on to fellow arborists, so it’s more about me finding something to do to earn some money in the 2 or 3 days I’m getting spare now.
  3. Possible - got 4 big oak planks cut about 5 years ago. Was thinking could ask my carpenter buddy to help me make some sort of simple cottage-style table.
  4. Yep, Yes agree with that. Took a few climbs but SRT is the way forward.
  5. Looking for any bright ideas on good diversifying options when the body tells me to slow down. Being 55 I’m needing to decrease the hard days breaking my back so thinking what else can I do for maybe 1 or 2 days a week that will still earn a few quid. I’ve got loads of wood lying around, some seasoned, some green, all shapes and sizes. Then I’ve got full access to my friends carpentry workshop - that’s saws, planners, thichnissers, woodturner, etc and like the idea of creating something rather than reducing/killing things! Thought of chopping boards, turned bowls, etc but hoping to be inspired by something else?
  6. OUTCOME........ Rather than go ahead with felling I phoned the Council and enlightened them about their inconsistency , they arranged for Tree Officer to meet me on site on the day of work. Tree Officer was slightly reluctant but he realised his inconsistency as he was the actual officer who approved the application in 2015 and declined the other application in 2016. As the tree did have a clear flaw in it's stem so he (reluctantly) agreed it could come down based on the original permission. So all is good, everyone happy.
  7. I've not spoke to council as I have in my possession the decision allowing me to fell the Oak and within date so in my opinion I have permission to fell the tree. I only became aware of the newer decision by coincidence, I do not have a copy or proof of the new decision, just verbal from the customer. I did not put in the newer application so not really something I can appeal.
  8. My local council have given 2 separate decisions on the same TPO'd Oak tree. In February 2015 they agreed after I applied that an Oak tree can be felled but the customer could not afford to go ahead at the time. The customer thinking the decision only lasted 1 year has got another tree surgeon to apply regarding the same tree and this time the council have said no to felling the Oak. Customer did not realise original decision is still applicable as lasts 2 years. Anyone had experience of this or can advice me if the new decision supersedes the original decision or can I just go ahead working from the original decision?
  9. Over 250+ views and no replies , I left wondering why? Is it because it's so obvious I'm a dummy for not knowing? Or is the bark so normal I'm a dummy for not knowing that either? Or is it really difficult to know what is affecting the tree and has got everyone stumped?
  10. The tree looks fine in the crown, just the marks on the stems. Most are around previous pruning points, about 6 patches in total.
  11. I'm looking at my friends Sycamore tree in his garden and he is concerned about the cancerous type bark on the stem. I hope someone on here may be able to advise him as I'm not knowledgable on the subject. The tree is about 18m tall and stands alone in his front garden.
  12. My brother in law needs some tree work doing - a reduction on a large deciduous tree and some other bits. He is in Kent and I am in Dorset so the distance makes it hard for me to help him. I have therefore told him I'll try and locate a reliable tree surgeon who operates locally to him in Meopham, Kent, who can go and quote for the work so can anyone recommend a tree surgeon local to him please?


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