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  1. Wanted for this Friday, needs tickets and insurance but will lead to other work. call 07730 810541 or 01487 814548
  2. Wanted for this Friday - climber, will lead to other work. Needs all tickets and insurance. call 07730 810541 or 01487 814548 or email julieayres@aol.com
  3. Wanted - self employed climber needed for Friday 16th August 2013. May lead to 2 days per week. (negotiable). Must be EXPERIENCED. Must have all relevant tickets and insurance. Please call 07730 810541 or email julieayres@aol.com
  4. How would you guys recommend removing 4 seventy foot poplars growing 20 feet away from a property on heavy clay soil. The TPO's have been lifted and the house,which is about 20 years old is subsiding. The customer is in negotiations with the insurance company. The trees have been crown raised to 5m, 2years ago and are in extremely good condition. The trunk diameter is approx 2 ft across. Would you suggest removing in 2 or 3 stages and if so,how long would you leave between each process. :confused:confused1:
  5. Hiya. Can you give me a call or a telephone number so I can call you please. Rob 01487 814548 or 07730 810541. Many thanks
  6. I had an old shape L200 which was an import so higher spec but fab, reliable work horse which pulled an artic out of a muddy field with no probs. Now got L200 Animal on 56 plate. Good reliable truck and very pretty. Not so robust as old L200 as a lot is now plastic but with the right tyres, great truck but you need BF Goodrich all terrain tyres to get the best out of it. Little light on back end but 4wd great as you can select doing 60mph. Low road tax due to eco engine £125 per year, £600 full comp ins and much more economical than old style. Recommend it.
  7. Looking for a climber with experience. Age no restriction to work on a sub contract basis, probably a couple of days a week but could be more or less. Established tree surgery business in Ramsey area. Call me for a chat 01487 814548 or 07730 810541 Council approved contractor with 20 years in business.
  8. Hi Ian We work out of the Ramsey area within about 10 mile radius and would be interested in hearing from you. 01487 814548 or 07730 810541. We are an established tree surgery business which has been going for 20 years approx. I am looking for a climber as have plenty of groundsmen but it would be on a sub contract type basis rather than employing. Please call me if you are interested in a chat. Robert.


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