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  1. Hi mate

    His name is Simon, his email address is


    Thank you.

  2. France calling...

    Hi guys My brother in law lives in Villedieu les poeles (Normandy) and struggles to get firewood, can anyone supply and deliver and what would the cost be?
  3. Hi mate im thinking of doing ua1 and ua2 how much are the courses and do i need any previous experience with power line work? whats the cost? How long are the courses? Do you have any dates?

  4. Bracing and supporting

    That's fine with me I'm not in any rush could you get back to me with length of course and cost and possible location please. Many thanks matt.
  5. Bracing and supporting

    Let me no where an when. I'm there!
  6. A01 Planting

    I did my ao1 with Landbasedtraining.co.uk in aborfield reading if that's any good to you, good course.
  7. Me and my Cert. Arb. exam

    I recently did ao1 with landbasedtraining.co.uk in aborfield Reading if that's any good to you.
  8. Rfs cert Arb level 2

    Just recieved my starter pack for rfs cert Arb level 2, wow looks complicated anyone else out there just starting off, would be good to help each other through it.
  9. Bats

    Thank u mate some good links there will pursue them.
  10. Bats

    Sorry should have been clearer, it's a bat liscence he is interested in, will see what I can find on AA site or local bats trust. Thanx.
  11. Bats

    One of my Workmates would like to do a course on bats has anyone got any ideas where to start?
  12. Bracing and supporting

    :001_smile:Cheers for getting back to me guys I will c if I can get something sorted, I only need one more nptc ticket an I'm sure there are easier ones to do than the bracing but quite fancy it. I have just started the rfs cert Arb so will prob be spending a fair bit of time on here probing your knowledge.
  13. Bracing and supporting

    Does anyone know where I can do ao3 bracing and supporting?
  14. Matts album


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