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  1. Also ticket office supposedly gave him wrong ticket. mmm now let me seee....good defense building up here for the oik....wonder if he is an experienced crim or if his lawyer built this defense.
  2. The only way the big guy could be seen to use excessive force was when he shoved the oik off the train the second time.(some may say it was not excessive,it was restrained) The little oik did come back for more. And did receive a firmer reaction. We could do with a common sense law. Mind you i suppose thats what the PF/cps is. Any normal person would have got off the train when ask by the conductor.
  3. tom ill pm you.... may be able too sort something. i have a transit t360. so can pull a bit.
  4. wanted 5-6 cube seasoned hardwood scottish borders td10 PM me with price inc delivery
  5. i stand corrected..... but you do get some free kindling after you chop up the pallet lol
  6. LOL Ye but no gravy train. They are making less than they were making before. If the price is high then people will look elsewere.(if they find out it is high they will not be back) kind of like the banks they shafted us now no one wants too put there savings there lol
  7. Ye probably ....aprox the same . I would be a bit peed if you were my supplier and i found those sites. Go with the web guys you are getting .2 m3 extra and its delivered. (the delivery is prob costing them supplier 30-60 quid). I am in the scottish borders hardwood is selling for 40-90 pound per cube. I understand the price will be dependant on the area. However if you are in it for the long haul surely you have too take the online sellers into consideration. If you are in it for the quick buck the probably irrelevant until the sales dry up. Someone already said dont be greedy, Thats what happened to the banks.
  8. you can get nearly 4 bulk bags(aprox 2.2 cube) delivered anywere in uk for 260. If you hunt arround on the net. There are a few companys moving it on pallets. Firewood for Sale, Kiln Dried Logs, Briquettes, Pellets | Real Firewood Company Kiln Dried Hardwood-Firewood for sale-Timports Logs If the price goes too high peeps will just order online if they find out it is available
  9. Pearsons were buying bulk loads from local supplier last year and baging themselves.
  10. wanted firewood soft or hard wood logs bulk bags/van load delivery to td10 just tip it, ill stack it E-mail me with prices and size of load inc delivery. Cheers


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