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  1. See I emptied the oil out of the tank for transporting and it was very slow to come out. Never checked to see if there was a filter.
  2. She rotating the correct way arrow shows this.she builds up pressure but takes atlest 20 sec to do so.the ram on the splitter is very jerky as well.
  3. As far as I know the pipes are correct. How I think is that the intake will have to come from the bottom of the tank and the return goes to the top threw the filter. Back into the tank.On the pump the feed should go to the top and the feed coming back out to splitter at the bottom? Am I correct are badly wrong?
  4. Yea ran on 1000 but also tried 540 and didnt make much odds. I think maybe il try a new hose on her and see if that makes any different. Also noticed on the pump theres a bleed screw on the side closest to yhe tractor. Then looking at it there was no oil in it. Should there be?
  5. There is a bit of wear on the intake pipe. If I change it should it work? The return pipe is the one came with it. It was used for a rapper on a round bailer so the oil on it would have been greater im sure. Can she also be airlocked?
  6. Hi all. Got my hands on a pto hydraulic pump shes a dowty pump. 100cl. Thought it would power my splitter. Hooked it up and put the tractor in the 1000 shaft on the pto. Tried to split timber and doesnt seem to be buildind pressure. When she does after 15sec shel rev the engine on the tractor. The oil on the return is a wee bit foamy going back in to the return tank. When I toke the pipe off the tank noticed that it wasnt a solid flow of oil, more spitting it back. The pump I was told can return between 20-25 lpm so more than enough I think. Does anybody know what the problem is?

    <p>Hi all</p>

    <p> Came across a problem. Got myself a pto hydraulic pump with tank. Hooked it up and its not putting up pressure to power the splitter. The return pipe when you take it off the tank is not even full of the pipe. The man told me shed put out about 25/30 lpm. My brown only purs out 9 and powered it ok tho got stuck in knotts. I cal upload photos and videos if yous can help. The pump is a dowty pump 100cl.</p>


  8. If given the chance one thing to yous would change on your woodprocessors? Example.... quicker chainsaw, quicker splitter, bigger timber. thankyou for taking part.
  9. Lol out of my price range that tool. Looking to have it build for £5000/6000 price range.ive got a pump kind of in mind for the chainsaw off crd metalworks they do the bars and all for the harvesters. So thinking of buying the chainsaw end of things off it. They are to email me back with what all I need.
  10. Yea ive seen them on youtube but are they not wild money? A blade on that scale would not be cheap.
  11. What kind of hydraulic motor is on the chainsaw and what size would you need to power a bigger 24" bar.going threw soft wood.
  12. See 90%of my timber is big stuff.big timber equals big bags. Plus more people buying processors means the more small timber being used.so a move in the market for the larger timber.well thats my thoughts.i was thinking about a 35ton ram.what kind of chainsaw I need.can I use a crank off an old chainsaw and modify it to a hydraulic motor? Go on to youtube and type in homemade processors there is test 5.a blue yoke shes some tool!thats what im aiming for.
  13. Thanks very much was on the site. My mate works in a factory designing and making farm machinery and thinks hed be able to design and make it. Anybody on this have a processor?what would you change on it?


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