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  1. Hello everyone, been a while since I've done this, hope I can remeber how to do it My question is.....Has anyone thought or done work or setting up a company abroad? The missus and I are entertaining the idea of moving to spain or france to live. I was thinking of setting up a company to cater for brit expats and locals. Any thoughts, comments or experiances welcome Cheers and stay safe
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OogDqtS798]Tree Stump Removal ( The Easy, Lazy Way) & Kitty Cat - YouTube[/ame] this may have been up here before but i think its pretty cool
  3. Quality vid bro! folding tree fell was great viewing
  4. Nope my bad, not a polar, cant remember what this is tho haa
  5. Pretty sure this one was a poplar
  6. Its a great part oft he world. No i dont remeber any burrs in the one i went up
  7. Yea for sure. my blisters and calluses lasted two weeks after that trip. but it was worth it. i'll have a look see and see what i can dig out
  8. Hey Chris, i'm 2 months into my stay in brisbane, i would consider sponserships as a route if you cant get a work/holiday visa. luckaly i did as its my first time here. companies like citywide based in melbourne offer sponsership/accomodation aid etc. Good luck and get yourself out here. You'll deffo not regret it!
  9. If I remember right it was planted in the mid 1700's so about 250YO
  10. Its a fantastic tree, there were about 9 of us up there at one point
  11. Dubbed the tree of blisters. SRT.....nahhh I'll prussik the 170ft London Plane, Bryanston College, Dorset
  12. Good points made by all me thinks. i'll stick to the slings for brush and try knots with and without biners for the heavy stuff in the future
  13. Will do guys. btw does anyone know how to add a profile picture?
  14. Cheers Easy Lift Guy. sure will. Been out here 2 months and have spiked more palms than i will ever want to but i keep my self going with the old saying.....'at least its not a leylandii'
  15. if all goes well with work here then see you then albere
  16. Basically what do you guys prefer and why? What are the advantages of using knots (running bowline, timber/clove hitch) to tie limbs to the lowering rope. Personally I use a sling for both thinner branches and blocks of main stems.
  17. Hey Frenchy I've only been in the industry for a couple of years and previous advice i have had has included: 1. Get Aggressive - for dismantles just stand at the base look up and think buy the end of the day you will be gone! keep it up through out the climb but of course be safe! 2. Climb anything the boss throws at you - its all experience 3. Think of all the other guys in the world using the same kit as you - it will hold someone heavier 4. Have fun! also what the other guys here have said. especially the singing part
  18. Looks like a good list mate, got a sequoia myself and love it! From my experience (not much atm but im plugging away) id invest in a short climbing line 15/20m for going up smaller trees.
  19. I'm currently using a pair of gecko spikes, the velco makes a nice close grip around the calf and there nice and light. altho there is so much excess velco ahhhhhhhhh
  20. Hi everyone It has been over a year since my first (and regretably only) post on Arbtalk. It was standard questions on gear, ropes, clothes etc and to those that replied many thanks Now I am a qualified arborist currently on a working holiday visa in Australia working for two companies and on the way to be self employed. Over the past couple of years through my time at sparsholt college and my trip here the threads from various members have been very helpful i hope to contribute more to discussions in the future Cheers again guys!
  21. cheers for the help ppl. i think i'll go for the ND, see where it gets me, and if i need more knowledge i can always hit the books so to speak thnks gain
  22. having been offered both a place on a Arb ND and also a FdSc Arb. i am finding it difficult to choose the ND has a 80-20 split of practical and theory and the FdSc is the opposite, i know i need both to go into the industry. anyone out there been in similar situation, or any employers that know from experiance what they are lookin for in an employee? any advice would be great AsianArbOly
  23. plumpton! good choice just had an inter view there yesterday, it was for the foundation degree but still. good luck Gumbo !
  24. yea its true they offer the fdsc they also do the hnd and nc aswell. the hnd is more practical, hence why i chose it. cant wait to start. looks to me that most of you are in favor of boots over wellies. i shall investigate!


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