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  1. Welcome Heaps of information on this site mate (you can use the search bar) and it's full of very knowledgeable and helpful people. You can learn a lot in this industry from the comfort of you own home. Spend time on the sofa getting yourself familiar with knots and arbtalk/YouTube to get a feel for it. In terms of getting out doing it, do you have access to trees in your garden (I.e with somebody in the house) or could you persuade a friend/family member to perhaps sit in a park/woodland whilst you climb for an hour or 2? I wouldn't have said this for a complete beginner but as you have your ticket I'm guessing that you are at a safe enough level.
  2. Different for everyone so I'd say it's best to try a few first if you can. I've had the Petzl Vertex and the Stein. I prefer the Stein option for what it's worth
  3. I'd rather be inked up and non-judgemental then have no tattoos and be critical of others. A good personality & attitude is surly most important and if you still get judged on the tattoos then that's the employers loss IMO . I'm pretty covered now and the vast majority of comments I receive are positive
  4. Cheers Paul for being such a great host in Durham City, you were essentially my tour guide and I enjoyed seeing the city for the first time. Was great to finally put a face to the name as I've lost count of how many years we've been speaking online but never actually met [emoji23]. Flying back to NZ tomorrow evening but this trip has been awesome and a great insight into what life is really all about - friendships, stories and alcohol [emoji23]. Great to meet you mate and thanks for having me, stay safe [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Arbtalk
  5. I work for a company that run a council contract so it makes no odds to me whether the tree stands or ends up as chip . Always feel like saying "on what arboricultural knowledge are you deeming the tree to be dangerous?" ... whereas the reality is they think it's dangerous purely because it's a big tree.
  6. "I'll give you 20 bucks/box of beers if you put my stuff through your machine" - Whilst pointing to a garden full of green waste "Can you just take the top off" "Do you have to train to do your job?" Got asked that today, found it quite insulting! "Can you come and have a look at the tree in my back garden, I started cutting it myself..." "The tree is dangerous/it's going to fall over/it could kill someone!" .... always have to bite my lip with those people!!
  7. will.morris


    Great post I guess the short answer is that you can't, so companies are forced to have so many policies just to cover their own backsides.
  8. will.morris


    Vests/singlets are fantastic in summer, especially out here where it's very humid. I don't think they are a bad thing at all. You can have the smartest uniform ever but if your site is a mess and your gear is chucked everywhere then that's what makes you look dodgy. Keep brash under control and neatly laid out cones make a site look far more professional instantly imo. Hi viz clothing I find often makes me overheat so I would personally only wear it on road jobs or larger trees if I called the shots.
  9. :lol: The radio in our truck is broken at the moment so we have definately broken this rule a fair amount recently! I see it as educating my mates about Megadeth and the metal scene in general, time to whistle some of Mustaine's classics! Should hopefully get rid of Christina Agremalarraraas "you are beautiful" song from our heads....
  10. In this case I think I would have to disagree Drew. The first ZZ would obviously have gone through a lot of testing and so would the second one, so pre-release Petzl had no more idea of how the ZZ2 would really behave in the real world then they did with the first. So to bring out a mk2, in my opinion Petzl should be in a position where they could contact every single customer should they have to. More work for Petzl obviously, but if you are in the business of manufacturing equipment that people put their lives in and are insistent on making a second version then they should put the extra effort in. If someone was to get hurt on ZZ2 that they bought with the reassurance that problems had been sorted but they had not been informed of multiple problems then I would find that very slack on Petzl's behalf.
  11. Just have fun mate, don't over think it too much. Don't get sucked into it so much that you lose track of what's going on around you, use it as a learning experience and if you time out or get DQ'd for something just have a laugh about it. Also never try new gear/set ups for a comp, stick to what you are used to and then play around with different options afterwards! Have fun and learn P.s Hope you are doing well David, long time no speak!
  12. Great to hear it mate Be sure to check out woodhill mountain bike park! Woodhill Mountain Bike Park - Auckland's Homeground for Mountain Biking It has everything from cruise around all day to full on jumps/technical stuff. or if you are into bmx racing then this club has a pretty mental track in east auckland! East City BMX Club You'll never run out of things to do
  13. I've no doubt the srt brigade will be along shortly to clear things up. I can think of 2 occasions where a colleague has been saved by srt, both anchor point failures in healthy trees (gum and poplar) resulting in a slight fall to the next crotch as opposed to the deck if they'd been on DdRT.
  14. Worser... "It's a lot worser then it was before". Incorrect pronounciation of the word 'harassment', often by news readers. "I am the first owner, I brought this car from new" Sexed up......
  15. Not many but there are a few girls out there. There was 2 girls on my course when i was studying, both finished the 2 years.


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