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    <p>Yo Danny K! Keeping pretty good here mate, how about you and your munchkins? We got a new (capable) climber at work now so it's taken a bit of pressure of me... Still far too much hedge trimming for my liking! Things starting to dry out over there? It's piss wet here and my boots have just got holes in... Good tree gear is fricken expensive here eh... Bumped into a fella here called Allan, he worked briefly for Cts and new noddy? And also my boss worked with that Belgian fulla Karim? Small arb world eh..</p>

    <p>Take care mate, let me know how things are in the shires.</p>


  2. <p>How you keeping Jessi?</p>

  3. Hey hey! Good to hear from you. Glad you are still at it as you have alot to give it. bet the views are diferent from up them big gums! Hope you can breath life into the mundane side of things fella. Cts has changed alot since you left but I will say hello to the ones that are still their & the ones I keep in contact with.

    Take it easy & climb safe!

  4. Hey their mr J howz things? You still on this site? Still in tree work? & hows the move been? Hope all is well with you & yours. All the best.

  5. I had a gelert bag which fell to bits really quickly... got a nth face from bicester village clearance store for 40 quid!
  6. I would say it's not permissible but mandatory... on the subject of tree induced tanty's I've worked with guys who've punched and spat on offended trees... anger management perhaps...?
  7. seam seal, near Thame/Ayelsbury...
  8. Should work with any dry(ish) conifer as you need the high sap content? pic on the left looks like sycamore...?
  9. Oak and ash trees in Darwinian struggle for supremacy - Environment - The Independent
  10. Read an article in the independent the other week saying that the forestry commission hadn't officially recorded ash coming out before oak since 1953... something to do with global warming...
  11. Kiwi climber


    someone over estimate the crane capacity?
  12. The Hobbs is a heavy old lump but it does wonders for big bits of wood, I'd love to have a good go with the grcs as I think the ease of winching is preferable to the two man effort required on the hobbs.
  13. 8mm grips fine, I use a knut but a distel would work as well...


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