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  1. My fleet: A 1950s TEF 20, a Pasquali Eos 6.6 and a Mc Cormick C85 Max. I’ve only recently acquired the McCormick, I have an old Fergy 3 Tonne tipping trailer but wondered what people’s thoughts are on the largest sensible and useful size trailer I could tow for transporting arb waste and general use. It is 85hp and has a hyd trailer braking port
  2. I can vouch for the Greenmech 130. Awesome little chipper, very well thought out design. I like having a hand brake too for when you’re pushing it around on a sloping driveway. Disc blades seem to last for ages. Honda engine. As Ty says the folding chute is great too especially if storing in a low shed or garage. I hear what you’re saying about dealers and I’m fortunate to have a great dealer (though also over an hour away) but I’d seriously consider the GM.
  3. My first chipper was a very old entec/Timberwolf 125. It was around £3k. It served me well though because of its age it did break down a lot. Eventually I got fed up of wondering if it was going to let me down in the middle of a job so I sold it for the same money I bought it for. Then I bought with the help of finance a new Greenmech 130. I’m now on my second and tbh I think I’ll hold onto this one a while. You’ll hear good and bad about every brand of chipper but for me Greenmech is superb and Ashley of GA Groundcare is my local dealer and has gone out of his way as far as after sales backup.
  4. Yesterday I had to fell a reasonable sized Ash tree that was showing advanced signs of ADB. I had heard that the disease shortens the wood fibres and makes them weaker. When I looked at the hinge I would normally expect on a healthy Ash to see menacing looking pointy needles of fibre sticking up but on this one the fibres were indeed shorter and blunter. I certainly wouldn’t want to fell one with a significant lean in the wrong direction.
  5. I have the same trimmer but my problem is on full revs it seems to go past the limiter and revs it’s nuts off. Dealer replaced a carb which sorted problem initially but now 4 months down the line same problem. Only happens irregularly. Any ideas?
  6. I have the same on my 48” stihl duromatic bar. The tab fell out early on. It doesn’t really affect performance but it can be a pain pulling the bar out of a cut as you get a lump of saw dust caught in the hole wedging it in the cut.
  7. Really like the look of that grab Eddie. My only reservation for my tb016 is that does the grab and rotator weigh a lot more than a bucket and thumb? Will a 1.5 tonne machine with this setup still have enough lift capacity to be useful?
  8. It’s an ex hire machine, pins and bushes all remarkably good. No idea how much breaker use it’s had but for the money I am very pleased.
  9. It’s an ex hire machine, pins and bushes all remarkably good. No idea how much breaker use it’s had but for the money I am very pleased.
  10. [emoji23]yes I can hear the ‘could you just’ requests coming in already! Thanks for all the good advice
  11. I joined the club today. After the advice on this thread I have taken the plunge and bought my first arb digger, a 2008 Takeuchi TB016 with 2900 hours. Collecting next week[emoji3]
  12. That’s interesting, I had in my mind kubota/yanmar/tak. Would it potentially be possible to pipe a tb016 to take a rotating grab?
  13. That’s exactly the sort of thing I had in mind William. Nice machine
  14. Consequently I now want to join the club. Looking to buy a 1.5 tonne machine to play around with in my field but also to start using for a bit of tree work here and there. I don’t think I’ll use it huge amounts initially but enough to warrant buying rather than hiring. I’ll have about £6-7k. Is this enough to get a reasonable 2nd hand or do I use it as a deposit to get a newer 2nd hand. Makes and models? I’d like under 2t to make it easily towable. TIA
  15. My first job with an arb digger and what a machine! Turned a 2 week job into a 2 day job. Top class operator behind the controls. Machine was a 13 tonne Case with approved hydraulics tree shears. I was blown away by it!


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