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  1. Desperate need for a flail near Frome

    I was a bit late to see this but if you do still need this doing let me know.
  2. Tanaka 2390

    I have an old tanaka strimmer that I now use with the hedge trimmer head. It gets very little maintenance but goes on and on. It starts first pull every time. My one criticism is it has high vibes but this may have been sorted on more recent models
  3. Confor?

    Heading there today, taking the waterproofs
  4. Alpine tractor talk

    That is impressive Mick. I'm 97% sold on the uniforest winches they seem to be very well made.
  5. Alpine tractor talk

    Currently looking at getting a forestry winch to fit to the alpine. I have a project coming up that I would like to pull Ash sticks up a steep slope to a flat field on top. I'm looking at uniforest maybe 40E. Anyone with any experience or advice? Can forestry winches be used for assisted felling also?
  6. Alpine tractor talk

    Hi Andrew, yes the hedge flail was from Alan too. I was a bit concerned about hedge flailing without a cab but after 2 days of hitting back very overgrown hedges there was almost nothing thrown back. I may still get a Perspex or mesh screen fitted but so far so good.
  7. Alpine tractor talk

    I think most if not all the Alpines that I have come across are Italian apart from AGT. There's Pasquali, Ferrari and BCS which are all made by BCS. Antonio Carrero and also Goldoni. Being a specialist and relatively expensive bit of kit it is quite a small niche in the compact tractor market. I feel that 50hp is a useful size for an Alpine. Plenty of power but still easily transportable. As far as any brand better than the other, in my limited experience I think they all have pros and cons. Dealer service and backup is key
  8. Alpine tractor talk

    I've had the side arm hedge flail out on the alpine recently trimming bridleway hedges where it's too narrow for a standard machine to access.
  9. Alpine tractor talk

  10. App not updating / not available

    Mines working now. Cheers Steve
  11. Greenmech 130 Arb vs Timberwolf 160ph?

    I haven't had any experience of the 160 but the 125 it replaced was a great chipper. I have a 130 mk1 which I've had over 3 years and it is a great bit of kit. It has never let me down. I reckon you wouldn't go far wrong with either Timberwolf or gm. Get a demo of each and see which you prefer
  12. App not updating / not available

    My app still isn't working. It's an I phone 5. I have deleted and downloaded the app a few times and it won't let me log in or show any threads. Help!
  13. 22 ton splitter from rock maqchinery

    I bought a rock machinery stump grinder about 4 months ago. For the money it is a brilliant bit of kit and has paid for itself already. I was that impressed with the machine and also the service and advice from rock that I ended up buying the venom 22 tonne splitter a couple of months ago. I have been working it hard and I am very impressed. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting one.
  14. One reason I use Aspen

    Ah yes, the connoisseurs choice. I'm buying the pre mixed aspen in a red can.
  15. One reason I use Aspen

    I am trialling Aspen at the moment. I have found a good local supplier which was my first issue. although I still cringe at the price I suspect the benefits outweigh will make it worth spending the extra. Couple of initial thoughts, what does everyone do with their empty cans? Before I know it I'm going to be swamped? Also, bit disappointed with the smell. Id of thought at that price using a saw with it in would smell of summit nice like fish and chips or freshly mown grass but it's a weird smell. Think I prefer the smell of 2 stroke mmmmm delicious carcinogens. Seriously though I think it's the way ahead


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