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  1. Hi all, Potentially got 4 large Leyland to fell in Bathampton. I'm Hampshire based as is the mate who I'll be doing the work for. So hauling to and from not an option. Can any Bath based arbs advise of a location/costs to tip approx 2/3 x transit loads of chip and 3/4 x loads of timber. Thanks for looking. Cheers in advance. Mick
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a climber or groundie to assist with dismantling a medium to large Silver Birch in the SP6 3AX East Dorset post code area for Monday 10th October. Possibly lead to more work thereafter. Please PM with details if interested. Thanks for looking Mick.
  3. Hi, Looking for a self employed qualified climber or groundsman Hampshire/Dorset border area 1-2 a days a week. Please PM me if you are interested with your quals and what day rate you'd be looking for. Cheers!
  4. Hi I'm looking for a self employed climber or groundy don't mind which to give me a hand on a casual basis to one or two days a week. I'm Hants/Dorset/Wilts border area. Please PM for details. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance. Cheers Mick
  5. Got a bunch of stumps that need grinding out, Hampshire area. I haven't got time or machinery to do them. Please PM me for details. Cheers Mick
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know of or have a chipper for half day/day's hire asap in the SP6/Fordingbridge area. Mine's being repaired and clients got a lawn full of brash that I'm keen to get rid before it starts to yellow!! Thanks in advance. Mick 07729 407947
  7. Hi all, Bought a mill and 36 inch bar to run off a 660 as had a job where it really seemed a shame to ring everything up or leave on site to rot down. Also seemed a practical sideways move as another service to offer to clients albeit small scale. I must say I'm really pleased with it, really impressed with it too!! But as ever as a total newbie to milling I've got some questions, some may be simple, some may seem stupid but like my grandfather used to say the only stupid question is the one you don't ask! So here's the pics! An old piece of Oak in the yard, some standing dead Yew and some Larch: I've taken what I needed for various DIY projects etc but still have plenty left and have no idea now what, where or how to get rid? Turners, Cabinet makers? I've got a Douglas and a few Black/Corsican pines to dismantle and again will mill what I need but there'll be loads left. Also whilst milling the Larch I had quite a build up of sap on the chain what's the best way to clean it off? Have I got the perspex sheet on the mill in the right place? I'm sure there'll be more but at the mo I'm looking forward to the next bit of milling! Cheers Mick!
  8. Hi all As above, man, chipper, pick up tipper, climb or ground, medium rigging kit, alaskan mill, associated tickets and PLI available for odd days or longer to fill diary. Hants, Dorset, Wilts border area. Please PM for more details. Cheers!
  9. Hi, Could possibly do with a hand for 3 days Ringwood/Fordingbridge area Hampshire. First 2 days dismantling 4 x large Douglas, 1 day dismantling Sycamore in small rear garden. Please PM me with contact details, Qualifications experience and what day rate you want etc. Cheers for looking, look forward to hearing from you! Mick
  10. Not sure mate, quite busy at the mo and as there's quite a bit of reduction work to be done may not get it done until autumn now. PM me with your details though. Again thanks.
  11. Doc, Cheers, it's difficult to gauge at the mo as they've not fully decided what they want doing. That said there's a mixture of Conifer and Broadleaf (a lot of Willow) I'd initially estimate about 8-10 pick up tipper loads of chip and maybe half that for the timber. Thanks again. Mick
  12. Hi All, Just a quick one, I'm going to be doing some work for a relative in the area for a few days in the future. I'm based in Hampshire will need somewhere to tip chip and dispose of unwanted timber, ideally within a 10 mile radius. Will be on site for between 3-5 days cutting a mixture of broad leaf and conifer. Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mick:thumbup:
  13. Thanks, everybody, went with the NFU in the end. Being able to pick up a phone and speak to a human being straight away's worth the extra.
  14. Is it me? Bought a ranger tipper that's been recently modded to a tipping body, tried all the usual suspects, compare the meerkat, confused....definitely, and go compare...........go and do something else if you ask me. Not only will half of them not insure tippers, but as soon as you mention it's been professionally modded, either they run a mile or the pound signs start flashing!! Can anyone recommend anyone? Do I lie? Or should I just insure it as a straightforward tipper? The only one's who've been brilliant so far have been NFU, taken it all as it, no problem, not particularly cheap but, a lot of things thrown in, replacement vehicle, windscreen and at least a couple of saws worth of tools insurance!!


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