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  1. Hell Gary, thanks for your help. Some of the questions are very strangely worded and hard to figure out exactly what they are asking. I,m really stuck on identifying a minimum of 3 root systems for four named plants. I have read loads of articles on google but never get an answer of which root system belongs to which tree. If you could help me out I,d be very grateful Thanks 


  2. I,m doing this course now and was just wondering how others get on with it. I have almost finished the first module but am struggling with referencing and computers but hopefully I,ll get there
  3. How much work will there be? I have all the tickets and experience required- what about visas? I would love to spend a bit of time in sweden and was wondering what else you could let me know about Sweden
  4. Thanks for letting me know a bit more about the work Dilz. I hope to head over sometime next year- bit tied up here at the moment.
  5. I was hoping to head over to Sweden in the future. I have been climbing for 4 years mainly on powerline work although I have done some private work. I would be intrested in working on the railways over there so was wondering if you could or anyone else let me know what the work is like on the railways in Sweden.
  6. I have seen the adverts on arbjobs but didn't apply seen as i am tied up with another company for time being. I would like to go in the future but was wondering what the work was like-private or utility? Is it expensive to live there? Thanks- I look forward to seeing the crane job
  7. Are there jobs still available? I have looked at going before but didn't have the experience. Would anyone know of a company called tradfallerlaget? Might try with them again if they have any work on.
  8. Thanks for letting me know, I will keep you in mind for future work
  9. Would this work be all year round work or just a short contract? If it is all year round work I could help in the future, tied up with another company for time being. I have a CS units up to 40 and UA units up to 2.3. I do not have a PTS card but wonder if you could help me out with that. Thanks
  10. Would anyone know a company in Stockholm called Tradfallerlaget? I went for a job with them but didn't get it. I will apply again next year sometime when I have a MEWP ticket and more climbing experience. Are they a good company to work for? Just asking because I would love to spend some time in Sweden and heard you can earn good money to.
  11. I think it would be good to have random drugs testing across the board-whatever you work on powerlines, privates, motorways. It would be intresting if after all the serious accidents if all employees on the site were tested. Then you could say that drugs and alcohol were factors in accidents. The point I am trying to make is why should my life be put in danger just because some drug addict or alcoholic needs to get their fix. I have done a lot of work on powerlines and noticed the drug use does affect people. If testing was bought in across the board then serious accidents would be less common. I also think as an industry it is seen as acceptable to be high or drunk/hungover and this attitude needs to be stopped. People can do whatever they want in their own time in relation to alcohol but on drugs I have no time for so I am all for random testing.
  12. stump

    travel through work

    I would love to go to sweden and other countries but all the companies I have sent cvs to have never got back to me. I,ve been climbing for 2 years have all relevant tickets, am reliable and work hard. I shall have another go at applying for a job in sweden next year when I have more experience, hopefully they will accept me.
  13. Do fountains still do railway work or did connaught buy them out? I would like to have a go on the railways, heard the money is good. Currently on power line work but the pay isn't all that good.
  14. I must have sent out at least 30 odd CVs and spoken to loads of companies about jobs but all I get back is the old line 'you haven't got the experience can't take you on '. I have all the tickets up to CS39 I can tow chippers I am very reliable, the only time off I have is the month that I am allowed. I always get the job done never have problems with customers. I have over 2 years experience at climbing, why will no company take me on?
  15. I would like to improve my climbing and your jobs sound ideal. Will try and get in touch tomorow


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