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  1. have a look at teng tools decent quality and not a bad price. you pay for what you get as the saying goes.
  2. I have a pair of second hand but hardly used hayes pro cimpers for sale along with a monkey strainer.
  3. when I've had issues with larger excavators that smoke and blow oil due to suspected glazed bores, I have used running in oil very good success it has a additive in that scuff the bores. carry out a service run with running in oil for a few hundred hours service again run with regular oil. tom
  4. my dad is after some timber, planked with the natural edges and a few other bits for some furniture he is making, any sources in Norfolk or Suffolk, email address or phone numbers and I'll pass them on and he can let you know what he is after. cheers tom
  5. you will just want to turn down your air as low it will go to get a nail in, or you may risk burning out your compressor ( if it a cheaper end one) my dad runs one of these Stanley Bostitch RC-10-U 10Ltr Roll Cage Air Compressor 240V | Air Compressor | Screwfix.com which is designed to run all day and will run most size nailer's and will also run of a small genny or I've even had it running off an inverter from my service van.
  6. I'm no arb guy, but my spaniel comes to work with me most days and sits in the van happily while working then I get her out for a run between jobs. for me the best breed of dog you can have as long as you get a working bred not one of the silly massive curly haired show bred one (no offence to any one with such a type)
  7. I've repaired and rebuild a few buckets for excavators and loading shovels but they look truly massive! not sure I fancy referbing one of those
  8. Halfords advance are good quality as said get a trade card (all you need is a business card that says you are a mechanic ;-) ) I am a big snap on fan but facom and beta are good, teng not so much anymore.
  9. I would think these guys can help you out, I've seen some of there one offs and they are really good. Welcome to Sense of Adventure
  10. I'm working a plant fitter shift on the rail christmas night 6 till 6 well worth not having a drink christmas day I'll just save it for boxing day.
  11. I have used one behind a discovery, it was fitted with electric brakes which worked a treat
  12. I yeah the pic is of an discovery, I have run a few lwb troopers and as only need 2 seats pulled the rears out and made up a false floor over the rear foot wells and a bulk head could easily get as much in as commercial disco if anything slightly longer.
  13. i would only have a 3.1l one though the 3.0l engine is a load of rubbish i have found to my rather high cost
  14. I would go Isuzu trooper/ Vauxhall Monterey at that budget I have been running them for work for a while and they have been brilliant, if the wife liked them I would run one as the family bus instead of a discovery td5, and they can legally tow 3.5 ton.
  15. hi guys, if any of you fencers are interested just clearing out the last of my fencing gear and I have a pair of boundary clamps very similar to the tornado pro clamp, and an ezepull tool for sale, can post pics. any questions drop me a message. cheers tom


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