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  1. Im near York with a Lucas mill but Im not a guru.
  2. Bump...Holding another spooncarving day on 6 August. https://workingwallsandwoods.co.uk/2016-course-programme/ Still a few places left.
  3. I'm holding a spoon carving day in South Yorkshire (close to M1 J38) for beginners and improvers - 2 July! Great private woodland site - off the beaten track. Lunch and use of all relevant tools included in the price Check out the website or drop me a pm!
  4. Have a look at the latest deals on Logosol. I've no affiliation to them, but started with an M7 years ago and it did me fine. Good company to deal with, and their kit is very well engineered.
  5. Yes ^^ The burrs are too strong for that job. They're more for shape-making than flattening. You'll end up with low spots. A decent smoothing plane can achieve pretty good end results with a sharp blade, correctly set. With dry timber, you get a close-to-mirror finish that sanding will never give.
  6. Best gloves for logging in anyone?
  7. If they're true wrought iron made by hammer and forge, any grit blasting will damage the mill scale, which is a protection against some rust. Zinc and powder will look fine for a time, and may last you out. Wrought conservation usually plump for red lead undercoat and a good topcoat, and expect to get the wire brush out and repaint every few years.
  8. Anywhere I can see / get parts diagrams for Stihl machines - specifically FS460 / MS 441. Got some fiddly bits to get and can't find any diagrams. Help much appreciated....
  9. Nee Nor Nee Nor....Screeech....<<Doors slam on motor>> "Oi, Arbtalk member stihlmadasever. We're the Right-On Police, and you can't categorise Asians as ignorant shopkeepers. Cut it aaaht!" Only saying
  10. What do people think about this splitting up of larger woodlands into small parcels? Strikes me this often leads to poor outcomes for woodlands. Drainage doesn't get managed as a whole; forestry objectives in any management can be neglected; prices for woodland get inflated artificially. What are the benefits?
  11. "i liked it so much I bought the company!"
  12. 8" x 8" posts x 10' Curved crook for the hanging stile and a tapered top rail. Mortice and tenon joints and stainless bolts where needed. I wouldn't make from green oak because of all the movement thereafter if they're 12 foots. Either seasoned or tanalised softwood.
  13. Sorry Harvey It's all a bit ad hoc on the promotions front. We'll do it again next year and put something out much earlier. Might even run one in the autumn. Have a look at our website http://www.workingwallsandwoods.co.uk where there is a list of courses on weekends. Or contact me and I'll out you on our mailing list. Cheers Tom
  14. Holding a Wood Fair tomorrow at Cawthorne Park, near Barnsley. Close to J38 on M1. Small affair - spoons, bowls, games and stories for children, timber framing, drystone walling, cob pizza oven etc https://www.facebook.com/workingwallsandwoods/?ref=bookmarkshttp://


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