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  1. I was looking for this in the playstore but it doesn't seem to be there where did you download from
  2. anyone got a greenmech quadtrak?

  3. anyone got a greenmech quadtrak?

    Any updates on longevity of arbtrak?
  4. fungi ident please

    Second was on oak between buttresses first was found in amongst ivy about 6ft up stem just sitting there looked suspicious to me especially as tenant was mad to get tree away I know its a poor picture and an old fruiting body. It looked like it had a stalk if that helps. Thanks for the help men
  5. fungi ident please

    couple of pics of fungi was looking for some idents please.
  6. can anyone id this?[/ATTACH]
  7. LOGOSOL M7 wanted

    I have one I would part with only problem is im in Ireland
  8. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Im currently looking at these flail heads for a 3 ton machine for cutting hedges. How are they at hedges or is the finger bar the better option. I understand you cant track and flail at the same time but I prefer the idea of not having to clean up after the cutting. Any advice on this subject would be appreciated.
  9. salary review

    have to think about how you came by all those quals did the company you work for put you through them?
  10. Stein phantom boots

    I have a pair I find the soles too thin on them on very rough ground. Also find my feet getting crushed in tight forks when climbing
  11. From memory once you and your missus joint income goes over £38k you get nothing in the way of tax credits. Make sure and let them know when it does or they will most likely keep paying you then 3 years later youll have to pay all back. Theyre idiots.
  12. Rugby

    prepare for a tanking scottish hun
  13. ATV timber forwarding trailer

    Wolfman are you able to tow that twin axle timber trailer behind the landy on the road
  14. ATV timber forwarding trailer

    Thats the best atv timber trailer i have seen. Do you think you could give us a breakdown of costings to make?


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