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  1. I did try that with jump leads but just got a load of sparks! it looked pretty straight forward to me as in the same as my ride on that had a similar starter motor issue ( magnets coming away from the housing remedied with good old gorilla glue, had to glue them twice thoughas the first time I glued them in the polarity was wrong
  2. The motor does not run my suspicion is it is this, the remote is less than a year old I have tested for current and seems OK I will double check though the remote handset just in case Cheers Essexlogman
  3. Thanks I did try that one alas to no avail though Cheers Essexlogman
  4. The oil is fine but yes I have had various issues over the years with primarily electrical contact issues one was the battery terminal connectors and wires leading to the battery worth a look! Cheers Essexlogman
  5. Hello Folks I trust you are all well ! Electric tipper TT85 (owned from new 2009) not working I have as follows /fully charged battery/ put on new solenoid/ taken electric motor apart and cleaned all bushes and contacts/ taken electric release valve off and cleaned/ manual pump works and lifts the trailer electric the hand held remote will lower/ there are no fuses / has anyone got any ideas? all I can think of is that the electric motor although it looks fine to me is just dead, does this just happen? I am quiet happy to just whack a new one on there and or take to an electrical engineer but it but it does go against the old "there is always a way approach" Cheers
  6. Essexlogman

    Tree Blasting

    Stump removal looked a right crack back in the day too !
  7. This should help https://www.hsdirect.co.uk/product-information/risk-assessments/tree-surgery-risk-assessment.html
  8. Hello Jack had a similar thing happen to our oldish 200t thought it was maybe a fuel line spilt or something so did a bit of youtubeing tried a bit of carb adjustment to no avail then realised it was the fuel cap seal that had perished worth a look before you start stripping
  9. Hello Terjef We have had various similar issues on our TT85 over the years first port of call is forget the remote control for time being the hot wire method should let you know if you have a connection that is OK from memory the top or bottom pin will be up or down connected to the middle pin if this works then you have a remote connection or handset problem, if this fails then undo the two screws on the battery connectors cut and clean wire brush the wires and re attach to battery if this fails could be a solenoid problem in my humble opinion good luck Essexlogman!
  10. Heremetite used to be the order of the day, most of the motorcycles that we used to rag around back in the day were held together with this stuff do not know if it still exists all the best Essexlogman
  11. Check these guys out just a few quid to buy hsdirect https://www.hsdirect.co.uk/product-information/risk-assessments/tree-surgery-risk-assessment.html Regards Essexlogman
  12. Yes here love a quirky tree
  13. Hello Steve Not a burred bar? personally found a veering of was because of this good luck ! Essexlogman
  14. We had this problem with ours (about the same age) we took it back to the supplier thinking bloody hell it can not need a new oil pump already and they informed that it was a blockage of the filter in the oil tank pipe feed we are always carefull in filtering oil into the tank but when you take the filter out the gauze is very fine as we have had the occasional blockage and cleared it ourselves easy fix as the plastic gauze filter just pulls of the brass attachment Hope this helps regards Essexlogman


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