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  1. Personally I would recommend using the hire companies own insurance for any short term hired in gear if you do not have your own It is not only theft but also damage to equipment we periodically hired in MEWPS for certain wind damaged jobs where climbing was not an option we never needed to use it so peace of mind until on one occasion chogging down a length of cord struck one of the hydraulic out reach arms (ouch) would have been very costly if we had not been covered just my opinion like and as has been stated above caveat emptor with the old small print and all that! the firm we hired from were bang on though all the best!
  2. My thoughts exactly business is about personality! ( certainly small businesses anyway a bit different if you are a hedge fund manager throwing 6 or 7 billion at a Morrisons takeover or a football club although I still think personality counts even at this level )when you turn up or have existing customers that know you it is they that are buying into you setting aside the fact that you are 100% professional and 100% reliable thrown into the mix
  3. Are you having a laugh if your open for business then you are open and yes you are a grumpy old Man! close down if you dont want it
  4. Hello G I trust you are well ! just to throw one into the mix I got a replacement bar and chain for one of my toppers from a local agricultural dealer they checked their catalogue and I came away and started using thought this does not seem right quite right but soldiered on anyway after a while I took it back thinking I had been given a duff chain or bar and it was rechecked and gauge on the chain was wrong when you look at it .2 of a MM does not sound a lot and ordinarily looks fine on the saw but the I got same symptoms as you mention Consumate professional that you are I am sure your saws will have the correct gauge etc hope you can get to the cause of it soon BTW those Logs and the woodland look great all the best Essexlogman!
  5. Watch if you can Michael Moore's film Planet of the Humans so called green energy burning green waste with shredded tyres covering a whole town with well you know what, green energy oh yes ! F###ing abhorent when you look what is going on make up your own mind though this is just my opinion others may differ "removed from YouTube This article is more than 10 months old British environmental photographer’s copyright claim prompts website to remove film that has been condemned by climate scientists" I wonder why ?
  6. We use to go out of our way not to burn leyllandi we would, chip every last piece through that we could fit in the chipper, massive bonfires and the larger cord would end up in massive piles at our yard some 5 to 7 years seasoned bark off sun bleached white n all that until I decided to burn some on our home wood burner amazing actually and I know it gets a bad press but I was a total convert mixed with the odd lump of Oak excellent Also Scotts Pine Pinus sylvestris we had a job to take out the wind damaged top that had cracked out in one of our customers large gardens had been hanging for a good few years and was bone dry burnt beautifully
  7. Different, the only drawback I see is you need a ten ton 360 too move it around the garden!
  8. Essexlogman


    I concour have used most brands but always preferred Oregon always felt better when sharpening and definitely over Stihl chains Hey Ho n all that !!!
  9. Yes Caveat Emptor as the old Romans used to say! exactly the same MO when we were looking for another chipper on ebay local to us immaculate half price and all that total minefield and am hearing of people being scammed all the time its good to know that there are still a lot of genuine people and traders out there just got to connect with them !
  10. If something is cutting and feels OK it is generally right, but your bar though should be stamped with exact specification and as has been mentioned the drive link on your chain will have a number on it that corresponds exactly to the right file size hope this helps Essexlogman!
  11. I agree the cost of replacement fencing these days!!! I think it would be worth asking as I always understood that yes they will not pay for tree clearance but when damage has happened to fences or property sheds etc then you are covered "leastways to some of the costs incurred", one of our old customers used to periodically get paid out when his 50 ft conifers used to take out the boundary fence of the local Rugby club
  12. Hello Steve when I try to look at Arbtrader/Arborist equipment it states as below and is in default mode to members Blog I am using google chrome browser all other categories are fine thanks Essexlogman! Template classifieds/front/browse/rows is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]
  13. Brill first step and a great course remember doing my one at Writtle agricultural college absolutely loved it I was always the first their in the mornings especially for the practical chomping at the bit and all that ! all the best Essexlogman
  14. Probably yes! could be completely ligit though and just want to buy more gear, golden rule is though never ever lead anybody to your treasure trove let alone let them cast a beady eye over it take your goods and chattles to your home front or back door or on driveway to sell


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