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  1. ewd ripper

    Timber prices

    Hi , I would be interested in a load , could up Pm me some details, or number to discuss, cheers
  2. ewd ripper

    Choosing the right compact tractor

    Take a look at the kubota BX range, you can get them with a mid mounted cutting deck, and they have rear PTO, 3PL, drawbar etc for running flails / rotovators , spools for tipping trailers and log splitters , well worth a look and you'll probably find a decent second hand one with your budget.
  3. ewd ripper

    Best/toughest way of lining a tipping trailer

    By the time you've worn that 6mm floor down that trailer should have paid for itself a few hundred times!, don't bother lining it, just use it like it's ment to be used! Cracking looking trailer btw 👍
  4. Evening all, Can anyone recommend a wholesale kindling supplier in the Preston area of Lancashire. Thanks in advance.
  5. ewd ripper

    Fire wood free too collector in ormskirk

    Is this still available please??
  6. ewd ripper

    pto processor hire.

    This is how I move my processor about, drop it on the trailer, strap it down, hitch tractor back up , and on to the next job, works well for me, as I don't cover a massive area 👍
  7. ewd ripper

    What are you charging for your logs this season

    Going to be the same as last year, £95m3 for hardwood £75m3 for softwood Both tipped loose out of ifor trailer within 8 miles of the yard
  8. ewd ripper

    Vented Dumpy Bags

    Interested in these, what're abouts are you located, thanks in advance .
  9. ewd ripper

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    Been out processing some fresh felled ash and sycamore for a customer today.
  10. ewd ripper

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    This is my little Arb digger, a old JCB 801, welded a thumb on to the dipper for helping out with the log processing, don't know how I managed without one beforehand, for a small old machine it's a belter 👍
  11. ewd ripper

    Whats the price of red derv now thanks

    Managed to sqeeze 1023L in yesterday at 0.35p +vat,cheapest its been for a long time.
  12. Merry Christmas Jon all the best mate 👍
  13. ewd ripper

    Net bag productivity

    Yes that's 4 open corners, I'll try and post some pics in the next few days.
  14. ewd ripper

    The Mower Bench

    Hi all, Iv'e bought a viking MB253T second hand mower ,the drive to propel the mower seems really slow:confused1:,Is there anyway to speed the drive up or is it just how it is?? Thanks in advance
  15. ewd ripper

    Anyone with a big splitter want this lot?

    Where about scare you located??


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