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  1. Only pictures I've got at the moment!
  2. What model john deere have you got 6x20 series?
  3. Any body bought a set of these? are they any bigger than the standard Stihl ones? go well with my heavy duty side cover and 3/4 wrap bars! just need to get it ported! STIHL 044 046 MS440 MS460 MS660 MS650 HEAVY DUTY FELLING SPIKES SEE LIST NEW | eBay Charlie
  4. Well, what line are you using now the stuff that came in your head?
  5. Hi, as above stihl 075 av 076 av and aveq saws wanted any condition considered. Based in Berkshire but in Nottingham for the rest of this week and next. Charlie
  6. i work for a stihl dealer so can get bits slightly cheaper but a oem pot would write the saw off!
  7. I know the reason! striaght fuel but i would like to go trough new bearings and seals fuel lines its a tidy saw really it isnt seized just got no compression! it still almost full for unmixed fuel!
  8. thinking of getting a 026 with scored pot and piston going trough it and doing it up what are the hyway pot and pistons like from tegsol on ebay i understand they are good but how good! Charlie
  9. chazzer


    i was told all of the parts are NLA which is what i thought so if anyone has a coil kicking about or even a broken saw i could buy for spares! (with a good blue spark!) Charlie
  10. chazzer


    well i had a quick look after work today and found the pin on the back of the stop switch was loose so i removed it and i have checked for spark both with the wire earthed to the cylinder and also not connected there was allot of oily saw dust around the coil + inside of the fly wheel so i cleaned it off with compressed air loosely assembled it and check for spark spnning it over with a gun but still nothing i will clean the coil off properly tomorrow and check all the wires but its not looking good!
  11. chazzer


    just looking at worst case scenario! get people rummaging through there box of bits charie
  12. chazzer


    Hi ive bought another saw to add to the collection a 2100cd . i know part are a problem for these but i am looking for a coil at worst case i hope its just a wire from the kill switch as a had a few pops out of it untill i broke the pull cord! i hav just fitted a new pull cord and checked the spark and i now have nothing looks good though! photos to follow
  13. yeah there's seat switches, bonnet switches grass box switches foot brake and deck switches all to catch you out! some also have park lock switches Charlie


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