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  1. Maybe not as big of a deal to y'all in Europe, but ...I made it onto a national news show talking about trees! Preparing for El Niño's storms in Los Angeles | Marketplace.org Give a listen love nick
  2. Hi all. I haven't logged in here for ages, but found myself using the ArbTalk Tree Fungi app and thought I'd try to come straight to the source! I've got a fungus that I can't ID. (that's no surprise. I am not very good at fungus ID!) The camphor tree is in Los Angeles, in a large planter box approx 10ftx10ft and maybe 3ft deep. The tree itself was purchased new approx 5 years ago and is now approx 30ft tall, maybe 15-20ft wide. They had excessive water irrigating at the trunk every 3 days (eek). I'm trying to figure out what I'm looking at, is it living off the tree or in the mulch around the tree, and what impact its presence has on the camphor. And yes- the water is being turned off and they are revamping their irrigation system to better suit the tree. love nick
  3. I saw this birch in a lush lawn the other day. There were lots of mushrooms growing around it. Any idea what they are? I'm trying to figure out if they are thriving off the tree love nick
  4. I have never posted a pic of a fungus for ID before, so not sure what the procedure is, but here goes nothing! I happily admit that I just about nothing about fungi. I went and saw a tree last week and saw this. Just wondering what it is and what it might mean... Oh- it was on a silver maple Acer saccharinum that is maybe 30-40 years old and was topped maybe 5-8 years ago very heavily (down to about 10' tall) and now has lovely decay pockets throughout the entire tree. The tree is located about 1 mile from the ocean. love nick
  5. Which app? I wanna try! love nick
  6. Gentlemen and Ladies- Yale has released their latest catalog. They've come up with a contest to get us all to read the catalog more. The winner gets an all expense paid trip to climb a Giant Redwood!!! Click here to see the official contest on Yale's site. Everyone wins stickers and $10 off your next order and 10 people'll win 150' of XTC!!! The contest IS open to guys that are not in the US. You are responsible for getting yourself to the USA, then Yale will take over from there. Read the rules for details. love nick


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