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  1. Do not go to Hadlow college on any grounds, they will not deliver a full service. But yes, A decent college course will teach you above the NPTC level tickets required. most actually use the assessments as the end of year test! But try Capel manor, Merrist wood Riseholme/Bishop Burtonor even Moulton.
  2. Yes I know the pcture could be sharper! This was found during a random playabout on a search engine. I was not present, nor did I take this picture. I do recognise the lads pictured (good hearted lads btw) They are both not minors (so no probs there). My issue Is I know the college they are attending is clearly not capable of delivering a level 3, 2yr national Diploma course. This has been discussed on numerous occasions with senior staff, who clearly dont seem to care that they are mis-selling a service. option 1 - This was taken during a lesson, In which case the lecturer should not have allowed the lads on site due to the previously mentioned issues, let alone allowed them to take part in a practical lesson *note - the college takes a huge pride in safeguarding students in every step* option 2 - This was taken in own time, The tree is on the college grounds as is the kit used. Fair play to the lads for wanting to learn and develop skills, as I would always encourage this. My isue is the college knowingly lent kit for an allegedly unsupervised session, which brings into account safety and insurance issues (I personnaly pushed for the college to actualy get some!). This is the second year of a 2yr diploma course, a qualification that should (in theory) wipe the floor with the NPTC system, yet the lads are only just being allowed up the tree (first yrs are grounded). I do not want to prevent people from joining the industry, to the contrary I do encourage people wanting to learn and develop for the right reasons in something that they care about (a rare thing nowadays!) I knowingly do not claim to be perfect, far from it as this gives me the drive to make an effort to improve my own standards. So am I wrong that I care enough to try and do something about raising the standard?
  3. Second year students on a level 3 course any views?
  4. Read the job desc, the candidate is expected to have a level 2, the basic naff NPTC's yet also be able to do full-on surveying and needs ID and BS knowledge of a level 3/4/5. Another example of employers asking for and paying for less, but expecting the world. Personally speaking, I will have a go for the opportunity. In theory my CV wipes the floor with that job description so I "should" be top of the list.......... We'll see eh?
  5. Its all about "reccommended" bar lengths and butt sizes, an assessor wont get a tape measure out! Its a "reccommended" bar length of 15inches for all assessments regardless of butt size, although my experiences of wanting to do anything more advanced than CS32 has resulted in numerous assessors talking balls and insisting "anything more than CS31 is pointless as no-one cuts down big trees anymore" Just dont do anything you dont feel confident with - If we all did "by the book" we might as well not bother.
  6. Grimsthorpe is very easy going for students and regularly has work experience peeps.
  7. Footlocking in Chainsaw boots is easier if you turn the lower foot further to a vertical position, so the top foot is resting on the instep/side of the foot. Failing that..........Gronell Tango's!!!
  8. I could string you all a shed-full of horrible nasty but true stories about my experiences teaching Arb at a college for 3 months, or even my experiences in arb in general ( I was not allowed to use a Stihl ms460 with a 20" bar because i didnt have CS32. no mention of years of experiences with 880's!!) However the most distressing part is - What are we going to DO about it? Time and time again, speaking to different people from backgrounds, no-one seems to care about changing things for the better. The industry is going down pooh creek without a paddle, people who want to make the effort are bullied out of work by the "cut n runs", and the "authoritive bodies" nearly always either turn a blind eye, or dont even have the knowledge & experience to see things are wrong.
  9. Most of your felling sites or timber on campus should be fine. or try private estates ; Grimsthorpe Castle or Burghley House both have active timber production facilities and the Head Foresters would do some guest demo's (if asked nicely!) Grimsthorpe also has a working sawmill. Closer to home, theres a Sawmill at Corby Glen (cant remember the name?). also heard of a timber merchant in lincoln by the name of Listers, dont know if its pre or post production tho.
  10. Ive had problems for a few years now trying to find out details of comps to enter. If you are with the "in crowd" its easy, but you just have to get in it first! Pole climbing has a website, a facebook page and a very active community on Arbtalk. Tree climbing look on Arboricultural Association Arborist Tree Challenge Details are also on arbjobs.com (the organiser runs both!) or try the Cutters and climbers comp, held in Norfolk mid April. Have fun!
  11. Good Work John, Ive lost count of the amount of promotional pictures taken of companies trying to promote the "good and safe" work they do, only for the picture to show seriously big mistakes!
  12. That is one possibility, however the email doesnt read like that.
  13. Earlier today, I got a spam Email from a "Alexa Vernet" proposing exchange links refering to Arbtalk. As normal this just got trashed! Just be aware of this as it may cause problems if followed up
  14. Firstly, A good balanced diet should be more than enough for everyday usage. If you feel the need for a top-up, the main issue is just to find one that agrees with you, ie - tastes good, and no stomach upsets. personaly as a cyclist, I use high5 products. http://www.high5.co.uk
  15. Scroll down the main forums index to the competitions section, Pole Climbing has its own Sub-Forum. Try Poleclimb.com | Speed, Spikes & Splinters or find the Facebook page (poleclimbing.org)
  16. Tried doing mine a few years ago, and got screwed by the chap doing the observations. He werent too happy when I said id eventualy do most of the tickets so he "gently persuaded" the test centre to find another candidate! Just read up on most manuals and catalogues. There is a Husky book on how to fell that may be good?
  17. Hi Paul,

    Wheres the AA's Facebook page? cant find diddly-squat of the team on there!

  18. You're pretty much right. I did the NPTC course but never saw the paperwork, so another boss pushed me onto the IPAF, completley different rules n regs. This leads to inadequesies(?) and varied competances within the industry and can be the root cause of many hostilities between staff on sites. The rules are you need a certificate of competance to show you have been trained in the use of the item. It does NOT state who the regulatory body or the training provider has to be.
  19. Ive only seen the above advert, But yes it does sound like a gimmick to me. assuming it will only work if the saw is sitting in a certain place?
  20. Kingswood and treevolution are fine. You might be waiting for a while tho, as larger numbers are needed to run the course, mine took 4yrs with being registered at several places!
  21. Ok, Here goes....... 1, Ground rules are 5m/two tree lenghts/twice produce length etc. Nothing stated on baskets or aeriel. 2, A cage guard could be used, but should be provided by the hire company, as it needs to be suitable for the machine. 3, The operator could use the ground controls, whilst you are in the basket (with good comunications of course!) 4, It (in theory) shouldnt matter if you are not trained to operate the MEWP, as this is what the operator is for. so 5, If you are trained, dont get an operator, just do it yourself! Que numerous replies.........
  22. It doesnt suprise me in the slightest. I spent a wasted three months trying to teach Arb at Hadlow College, much to my detriment. They just started the course without any idea what they were doing, no kit, workshop, facilities, sites etc. The story is too long to tell here, but they just didnt have a clue, so I went to help, got stabbed in the back and now they are still teaching without any qualified/experienced lecturers! ( eg. the second yrs started climbing in yr2, and only got 2hrs late in the day for it! winter daylight hours? i kid you not!!) Without knowing you're specific requirements, my advice may seem slightly dramatic. Either stand your ground, kick up a stink and make sure you get exactly what was promised (In writing as well!) or get out and take your money somewhere worthwile. Pm me if you need to?
  23. Dont talk to me about the bloomin arb show! Im still very upset that i missed it!


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