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  1. Hi All, looking to replace a seized Stihl 130 kombi and am considering the Echo 265 as I've had a fair share of problems with the Stihl the main one being problems with the drive shafts not meshing when connecting the two units and extension shaft. The Stihl is about 35cc and the Echo only 25cc so wondering if if will be powerful enough. Will be running chainsaw pruner and hedge trimmer for hard trimming around farm and woodland rides. Interested to know if any one uses the Echo for hard use and how well it does. Thanks
  2. I asked a similar question on arbtalk a couple of years ago and was told about the H2 panel. We had the system put in this year and are just getting used to it. we opted for a 12kw electric boiler to work in tandem through the H2 panel with our existing Hunter boiler stove. Seems to work well. While its not too cold we just use the electric for 2 hours a day which is just as well cos it costs a fortune to run but we don't have to worry about thieving gits having the oil away and the plan was always to use our own wood for 80% of our heat with the auto boiler topping up and coming on early in the morning. You can get all the details from Heating Innovations homepage Cheers
  3. Lovely show, first time I've been, even the wife thought it was good! Anyone know how many years it's been going for? Great to see so much sawn timber being sold and at fair money, would be nice to see a big chainsaw milling display next year. Good to meet you Russell, interesting to put a face to a name. I'll keep an eye open round here for your Land Rover.
  4. Many thanks for all this info. It's amazing how much knowledge there is on A.T The thermal store is going to be too big for me but I will definitely be looking into the H2 and Dunsley. Cheers
  5. Currently using a 14kw Hunter stove with back boiler to heat 6 radiators and would like to add more plus get some automation by adding a second boiler, probably oil or electric, to the system. I've been told I'll need a Dunsley neutraliser or thermal store to make it work safely. Anyone on here know anything about them? I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  6. Did myself a house sign a few years ago. Printed off some lettering from the computer, transferred it on to a slab of oak using carbon paper and then lowered the background with a router to leave the lettering standing proud, finishing by hand chisel. Did try a dremel but didn't work out for me, jumped around a bit but expect it could be improved with some practice. Good luck!
  7. You are right, I found that this only works with nice clean and knot free logs. I would buy in but I prefer to use wood that I come by in a woodland that I look after. If I needed a larger amount and didn't have the time I would certainly be looking to buy in. Nice indoor job on a wet day. But I do take your point, this is only any use for small quantities.
  8. A while back I put a post on here asking for advice on splitting small amounts of kindling to sell with a load of logs.Thanks to some of the replies I've been trying a few ideas and settled on the bungee or rope round the log idea, surprised how quick it is, takes only 2 or 3 rounds about 8 inch diameter to loose fill a biggish bag.I thought I'd charge a fiver a bag if delivered with a load of logs.The pics might be useful to anybody else that just needs a few bags now and again. I'm splitting sycamore here which seems to pop apart before the splitting knife touches the bungee.Anybody got any thoughts on the best species for kindling I'd be glad to hear.Cheers.
  9. Started using gripples just recently, really good, I like the idea of straining up in the middle and I can always restrain later. I've not had much luck with gripples on barb though, seem to work fine on the ht barb but not on heavy barb even though I use the larger version gripple. Normally strain the netting first then top strands, seems to make setting heights easier, but as has been said by many, we all have our own ways. The problem of posts rotting off early seems to be getting worse, we've had gate posts crack off after 5 years. Mate of mine near Wareham is getting a hot/cold creosote plant going, reckon he could be on to a winner, using DF or similar should get a premium price for a quality product.
  10. Anybody sell hardwood cord on a retail/delivered by the pickup load basis. I thought I might start offering green cordwood through the summer with the hope that it might encourage more trade throughout the year. Any ideas what a Hilux pickup load (probably about a cubic metre load space) sells for, delivered local? Cheers
  11. Proper job DHL, does laying beech pose any extra problems? I've never tried it but would have thought it be more likely to break off more so than thorn or other species.
  12. That sounds about right for round here; I've never looked for hourly rate work but at the moment it seems to be coming my way and I would rather be working than not. I've often noticed how customers squirm if you quoted around £25 per hour but seem happy to accept a price at £80 for the job that only took 2 hours to do.
  13. Seem to have a bit of hourly work coming my way at the moment , hedge reduction, small tree/scrub clearance and that sort of thing, nothing fancy and not the sort of jobs that would be easy to price. Have been charging £15 per hour to include just basic tools and fuel. Is that too cheap? This part of the south west has never been known for great payers.
  14. Are you including the Husky in that, (given that it seems to have a lot of happy users).Cheers
  15. I'm also thinking about buying an electric winch, I want something to do everything including holding a tree under tension while it's being cut, wouldn't want to try that with a capstan I've thought about mounting it in a cradle so that it can be slung on the Hilux towbar or maybe fitted onto a small trolley complete with battery, quite a few clips on YT showing the rear mount cradles. Any idea how much battery power I would need for an hour of intermittent moderate winching such as pulling windblows out of holes or up a bank. Do I need to spend a grand on a husky or warn, have you had any of the Britpart or Ebay winches on your trucks?Thanks.


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