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  1. chopper brown

    New gopro website video

    Looks well to me I wouldn't spend anymore money, top job. Jim
  2. chopper brown

    Post your stump grinding photos

    Old Conifer stumps that the client got sick of mowing round. Nice easy job with no arising removal. Jim
  3. chopper brown

    Training to do LOLER assessments

    It's to do with impartiality as far as I'm aware. Some one who owns the kit and is inspecting it may not right off or advice on what is necessary. I think the course stats were a 50% pass rate. Jim
  4. chopper brown

    Thank you Arbtalkers

    Cheers mate you're a good man 👍. Jim
  5. chopper brown

    Thank you Arbtalkers

    Good luck Blake hope all goes smoothly, thanks for all your help to date and I'll be in touch. Jim
  6. chopper brown

    GRCS, smart winch or LD1

    Yes but tend to just put the fairlead on the side we're running the rope. One man can fit it if you leave the bollard or winch off. Then fit which ever you need after. If you are removing the tree you just unscrew the rear rubbers and there is a L piece of back plate ready to go into a notch you cut in the tree. Jim
  7. chopper brown

    Work for wood

    Fair point. 😀 I was meaning from a firewood only timber value.
  8. chopper brown

    GRCS, smart winch or LD1

    I have the ld2 and it's a really good piece of kit. The rope clamp to lock the load off is a really good feature. As it's really a groundie tool and as people have said varying abilities with different workers it adds saftey and piece of mind to the climber. Might be putting mine up for sale soon as a change in direction maybe ahead.
  9. chopper brown

    Work for wood

    Wood is a bonus if you want it not a payment. Think this scenario will be more common place as the price of timber continues for logs.
  10. chopper brown

    Getting over the Start-Up Hill - Business Advice

    I've been on the go for 7years now as my own business. Started out with no pot of money but had a climbing saw own kit and a ground saw. Nearly packed in a few times at the beginning but I always took pride in my work and seemed to get repeat work because of it. I've built up to better equipment as and when I could afford to but in a way I wish I stayed smaller. From my limited experience having a lot of good gear, staff and plenty of gear doesn't mean you will be any better off. This is from both a financial and time at home prospective. I think you can ended up being asset rich and cash poor but it depends what suits you and your business. Getting a balance is the key and if you find it let me know! Jim
  11. chopper brown

    Box wedge splitter

    Looks good. Not seen that one before but similar to the tempest although just one way. Looks a good powerfull ram running a bit slower but more productive overall. Jim
  12. chopper brown

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    I have a MO 5.3 and load it on my 10x5 ifor tipper with sides now and again. As said before not as good as a plant trailer but it does tow well if I back it on. I can have the bucket or grab on and man handle the forks underneath. Better to put any addition items in the pickup. Jim
  13. chopper brown

    What Tracked Chipper???

    I would agree with Ian C and go for your nearest dealer. Service and back up is all good and well but if its hours away you can already start clocking the down time. Jim
  14. chopper brown

    What Tracked Chipper???

    I can only comment on my forst tr6 and its been a brilliant machine. Owner operator and had since new for 4years. Tracking cables replaced under warrenty and hydraulic pump replaced due to one side tracking. Probably just needed rebalencing to track straight but they just swapped the pump. No down time for me in the time I've had it and it does chip very well. All I would say is if your buying anything new and going to keep it get a diesel kubota before they phase them out on any of the 6inch machines. Jim
  15. chopper brown

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    One on ebay now with a mewp on.


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