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  1. Yes. I have the DRT and my mate has the SRT. It does the same job, just gives you the oportunity to use it for both climbing methods.
  2. Some people will do anything to not have to rake up at the end of the day. There would still be brown adrenalin running though.
  3. VTS

    Root structure

    The one on left had quite a bit of dieback
  4. VTS

    Root structure

    Out on a quote today and came across two 20m oak trees joined together with this.
  5. I swear by vexi parts for my iveco
  6. No problems with small ground saws but had 2 snap on the 880 with a 30" bar. One had been sharpened once and snapped on dead cedar, the other had ringed up half a beech and snapped after less than 30 minutes use. The bars look like they have been dipped in thick paint, not used them yet.
  7. It grows quicker than it got chipped.
  8. Local garage did mine. Less downtime.
  9. Had mine done on 04 daily, 4 x UJs from vexi parts delivered. Do all 4 at the same time.
  10. It's all ally apart from the bed. Only thing I don't like is the tail gate. Smashed a light cos I didn't close the clasp before tipping and if you tipping rings it catches on it.
  11. Hi Stu, I bought a new lider 3.5t for about 1000e ttc cheaper than equivalent ifor ht. Ally box section base, Knott draw bar. Very impressed.
  12. Not even opened the tool locker and the client says the dreaded words "whilst your here can you just"
  13. Nice one Andy, best of luck to you and old fart arse
  14. Kingswood Training. Highly recommended. Wealth of experience in the industry.
  15. Does that include the other damage caused by a failed knife?
  16. If you use gunuine parts and they fail causing masses of damage to your machine are you covered by the manufacturer? If you use copy parts with a knifetime guarantee and this happens will the supplier of the knives cover your repair bill? If the answer to both questions is "no" then its a free for all.
  17. Gutted to hear the change Steve. It was probably all those years in the Army and being a Blacksmith that Knackered you up. Good luck mate and to the future buyer that will inherit the high business standards of ex forces. Shep
  18. The Pompier are jack of all trades, firemen, paramedics and also by the whole part timers. Most will probably have cut their own firewood for years thus qualified by not dying in a wood. Its the same with the Commune workers, they cut trees, prune trees, plant trees, fix the roads and local buildings. I have been trying to get my name in with them for a few years but it all seems to be wrapped up with Jean Pierre that went to school with the friend of my uncles nephews sister in laws mum. Bon courage Darren:confused1:
  19. We were talking about set ups the other day and wondered if anybody has tried a beaver tail truck with tracked chipper and towing a 3.5tonne trailer. You have the flexibility of a tracked chipper and the chip capacity of at least 2 tonne legally. Am I missing something here????
  20. <p>Did you live in France a few years ago?</p>

  21. It was a few year ago at a family do. Could of been the beer.


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