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  1. Yeah, but earplugs get knocked out or dropped when you're climbing and safety specs are made to the same head measurements as helmets so they slide off your face... I know people wear that combo through preference, but it's more convenient to have all elements attached to the helmet IMO
  2. The smallest fitting helmet I've found is the Kong Mouse. Tried a CT after a reccomendation but still too big (it fitted exactly the same as the Stein helmets, not sure why they are recommended as smaller). Petzls are huge, Pfanner even bigger. I had a Kong Magic once which was perfect, but nowhere seems to stock them. A rock climbing helmet with earplugs and specs is the only option for a titchy head... I found that I was constantly breaking/loosing/forgetting the goggles and earplugs and went back to a poorly fitting helmet, but worth giving it a try as your lass might get on a bit better. Alternatively she could try a bandana or similar to fill in the gap, but then you just get a sweaty head. As a hard hat is a fairly crucial bit of ppe, is a bit baffling that no manufacturer has thought to make one a couple of inches smaller...
  3. Well if anyone needs a subbie climber, I'm based in Wiltshire but happy to travel. 6+ years' experience, relevant tickets; transport, ppe, climbing kit and topper. Daisy 07514 138 275
  4. Prompted by someone else's question about harnesses for women, I thought I'd finally try to find an answer to the problem that's plagued me since I started tree work... Are there any climbing helmets that fit a head that's 49-50cm? Or is it possible to adapt an existing one to go smaller? Or is there any way of fixing ear defenders and a visor to, say, a kids rock climbing helmet?! At the moment I have a Stein plasma - I have to keep the earmuffs down all the time, and it still wobbles around on my wee head. I did try to pad out the headband a bit, but as you can imagine it got sweaty and horrible pretty quickly. Any ideas?
  5. Dunno about any being more or less comfortable (I guess that depends what kind of awkward positions you find yourself in) but being a fairly small lass I often struggle to find arb equipment small enough! Like everyone else has said, best to try a few out and see what you like. I climb in an Edilred Tree Magic and have always found that pretty comfortable, even when I'm in it all day. Mine hasn't got clips on the legs though, which can be slightly annoying when getting in and out of it.
  6. The biggest problem I've encountered has been finding PPE that fits comfortably... my head's under 50cm and not many helmets go that small!
  7. Harmony Arb: I was thinking more employed to be honest, until I get as bit more experience under my belt. Although I'd consider going freelance an opportunity seemed suitable. Nick: Yes indeed, how are you getting along buddy? Still working with Paul sometimes? JRose: Currently in North Devon, but easily moveable.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for full-time work, preferably in the South West/Wales but am happy to move anywhere. I've got NPTCs 30,31,38 & 39, full clean UK driving license (post-97 but am planning on gaining towing license etc asap) I've got my own transport, PPE and basic climbing kit. I passed Plumpton college's 12-week course with distinction a couple of years ago, since then have done mainly groundwork and a bit of self-sourced climbing. I haven't got shedloads of experience but I'm very enthusiastic and keen to learn. I'm very interested in the biology/conservation/diagnostics side of things as well as practical work. If anyone's willing to give me a break, please get in touch. I'm hard working, polite and have bags of potential. 07514085255. Thanks.
  9. Hi, read that you are looking for staff. I'm currently looking for work, based in Bristol at present but hoping to relocate.


    I'm relatively new to this game, have had a fair bit experience of doing groundwork and climbing but would probably be looking for a groundie/trainee climber role at present. However, I'm quick to learn, confident and keen to progress further into the arb industry.


    I've got NPTCs 30/31, 38/39, PPE and full UK driving license (post '97 though, sorry).


    If that's any use to you, my number's 07514 085255.


    Thanks, Daisy Lovatt.


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