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  1. Thanks for the many replies. . . I'm using an 18 inch bar, and yes i know how to clean it all out properly and keep the chain at the right tension etc. I've run plenty of other saws and not had problems. Stox: we have been using a much thinner oil lately, which sounds like the veg oil you describe, so maybe that's the problem! if not then i have a feeling it will be a week oiling mech. Thanks again to all who replied
  2. I'm using a stihl 361 as my main mid sized saw for a couple of years and have never felt it oils enough. I'm forever cleaning it and the bar, trying to get rid of any crud that might stop the flow of oil, and it works at first but pretty soon it's clear theres no oil getting to the chain, resulting in the bar and chain getting seriously hot (even to the point of warping the orignal stihl bar, which was replaced with an oregon). i think the heat build up causes the chain to go blunt quicker too. i have the oil screw turned to full, and there's about half an inch depth of oil when the petrol runs out. when i run it with the side plate and bar off, the oil bleeds out nicely. i now seem to spend almost as much time maintaining the thing as i do cutting! anyone got any ideas!?!?? or had similar problems??


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