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  1. i can't believe in the context of my post the mods have censored an old saying from when difficult times have come to a head. 'The **** has hit the fan' but its ok to show the dead limp body of a boy on tv, but not my comments, poor show you mods.
  2. Agree, i was not argumenting a case, just very few or less folk seem to bother with reading documents events in this day and age. Not even condoning current media preferences, just stating it's not the first or the last , amazing how quickly those images have evoked a positive reaction. You could even say in oldboy terms ' The **** has hit the fan'
  3. Now my view on this, yes shocking, atrocities have been going on all around the world for years, a lifetime and more, 30 year war and all. Facebook... modern media, had it not been for the mobile phone and modern technology we would all be none the wiser. As a ex serving marine i have seen shocking images from around the world first hand, none were ever broadcast as at that point in time technology was not available, no one will ever see them. Shame it's taken the exploitation of this little boy's life to shame a reaction .
  4. Have a shown you my fine feathered cockerel.... must have done, but here he is again, he's getting really friendly now and much prefers to stoop inside and watch TV than go outside, could be as he's getting old.
  5. Cat amongst the pigeons now, food for thinking, Stump grinding £100 to £150 per hour Consultancy work, ( in my area ) £60 per hour Subby climber with chipper £32 per hour Keeps me happy
  6. Hi Adam, i know what you're going through , same decision i did come to, mine came about the pains had got so bad on the day of my decision i went to A & E things were that bad, first thing in the morning, lady on the counter asked me what's wrong, i said where do i start, i was at that point in my life actually pissing / passing blood from bruffin abuse. to cut a long storey very short, its amazing what taking a year off from whats a very abusive physical job can do, i now work one or two days a week, charge max on that work as a subby but mostly grind stumps and it keeps the wolf away. i could consult but the time to pound ratio dictates time best spent grinding first, subby second, consultation work really does my head in . 53 now and after a year off things are ok, still climbing . AGAIN
  7. Your spot on with everything you said, i was off on one yesterday after hearing what my LA had been trying to worm out of, my LA have very big problems with double standards and procedure following, I won't do a separate post , best just to let them carry on digging a very big hole.
  8. Besides the point you're hinting at, are we at fault for trying to educate ourselves, those members, who have invested in arboricultural education, privately, and one step further than most members on here, no digs intended. are only doing so to improve themselves . Whats wrong with that, now let me ask another question, this one directed at local authorities, who are funded for everything, get paid to go to work, get paid holidays, pensions, you name it. I looked at a stump today, the tree had failed and fallen on a car, lots of damage, road side tree LA owned tree, in the center of Taunton. Luckily no one injured. The party involved came outside to ask why i was looking at the stump, i said it was to grind, i also said should be fairly easy as it was 2 3rds decayed with Ganoderma adspersum wide spread at the base. My point being.... the LA had denied any fault with the tree, and refused any compensation stating that the tree was healthy and had records of inspections, :lol: two road side trees further along are standing half dead, and on the other side of the road is another tree succumb with Armillaria, my point being we are paying the LA to maintain these trees, and at the same time we are all being rimmed by our own LAs . Never take any advice or statements from a local authority as being true. Just trying to put my point across about how education can help. This will be ongoing, photos taken by the third party once i explained why the failure occurred.
  9. Yep, mine is the same, keep meaning to give Justin a call.
  10. The words Bling and Rolex come to mind, fair play to him,
  11. I'll second that. He always had a nice watch and shoes .
  12. I'll try again with this one, even to put it another way, in arb simple terms, If you enter someone's garden without asking to retrieve what ever arisings you have dropped over you run the risk of 1 Legal action if you damage something or if what was dropped into the garden damaged something, and this could even just be the lawn, 2 Civil action , this could just develop from an anul retentive land owner , for almost any reason that they could find, as to why you have entered their garden without permission and be very expensive to for you to defend. 3 Most common, a straight punch to the head, then questions asked, as they may believe you to be a burglar, police would do very little. Best to ask first and if no one is in leave a note with your details and call again in the evening. why run the risk of upsetting anyone and tarnishing your reputation, better still don't drop anything next door, or even better introduce yourself to them at the start of the job, you may even pick up more work once they have met you.


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